LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71026 DC Super Heroes Feel Guide [Review]

A few weeks ago we took a look at the latest wave of Collectible Minifigures, 71026 DC Super Heroes, with a full in-depth review. That in-depth review will give you insight into which minifigures you want to pick up, especially given this series represents the new high-water mark in pricing for individual CMF packs, ringing in at US $4.99 | CAN $4.99 | UK £3.49. As always, we source our reviews from a full case which we sort by feel before opening any packs. This means that we can also bring you one of the best feel guides on the internet, since we’ve handled each pack just like you would.

71026 Collectible Minifigures DC Super Heroes are available now at for US $4.99 | CAN $4.99 | UK £3.49, as well as from third-party sellers on Amazon and eBay.

As usual, the minifigures come in a case of 60, divided into three rows. Of course, the quickest way to ensure you get a full set is to not sort by feel at all, and instead purchase a full case to split with friends (or keep for yourself). Many online retailers sell full cases, and some brick-and-mortar stores allow customers to purchase them. From time to time, LEGO itself will sell the full cases, such as with Disney Series 2, where it is currently offering cases at 20% off: US 191.99 | CAN $239.99.

If you don’t feel the need to purchase a full case (and who can blame you, since one will now run about $300) then you can use this Feel Guide to help you pick a full set from a retail case at a store, or get extras of that one figure you just really need more of.

To save you some time, there’s a shortcut you can use if the case looks like it hasn’t yet been rifled through. As with the last series, we noticed that the first 10 figures in each row are in a specific order. We definitely recommend using the Feel Guide to confirm any figures you select this way, since occasionally the figures get knocked out of order during shipping, or someone may have grabbed a figure or two already without it being obvious.

Starting at the front, the first 10 figures are:

  1. Sinestro
  2. Miracle
  3. Huntress
  4. Bumblebee
  5. Bat-Mite
  6. Batman
  7. Cyborg
  8. Joker
  9. Flash
  10. Aquaman

After that, the figures tend to be in an A-B-A-B pattern, but aren’t the same across rows and we can’t confirm that all cases are packed the same.

You can download a PDF of this cheat sheet to use on your phone, or print out before you hit the stores if you prefer a more old-school approach. The tips we outline below are not the only way to identify the figures. For instance, many of the heads and hair/hat pieces are also unique, but they can be difficult to distinguish through the plastic packaging. Instead, we’ve settled on the one or two elements that are easiest to feel through the packaging and should instantly give you a positive ID.

As always, each of the characters includes a standard black minifigure stand, so just like the torsos, heads, and legs they can be ignored since they are identical across all figures. Most of the hair and head accessories also will confuse all but the most skilled hunters. What’s new this time around, however, are the addition of these small minifigure posing stands, consisting of an angled bar with stud and a 1×2 jumper tile. Most of the packs contain two angled bars and one jumper tile. These can all be ignored when feeling the packs, since they are the same across all characters.

71026 Collectible Minifigures DC Super Heroes are available now from the LEGO Shop Online for US $4.99 | CAN $4.99 | UK £3.49. Read the full review here.

Both individual figures and cases are also available via third-party sellers on Amazon and eBay.

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this series for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews. 

4 comments on “LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71026 DC Super Heroes Feel Guide [Review]

  1. David

    This new batch was not easy, especially because of the new angle bar stud that confused me greatly at first.

    Also, because of the many capes in this series, many minifigure parts are inside a second bag within the blind bag (you know what I mean, this is not the first time it’s happening). Sure, it does protect the cape, but it makes it much harder to spread the different parts apart in the bag in order to only focus on the important ones.

    For a little while, I couldn’t recognize anything (I’m not interested in all of them, so I guess I had bad luck and only stumbled upon some I don’t care much for), but little by little it clicked and I got 100% success.

    Except that my son told me today that he wanted Green Lantern after all. Distinguishing him from Sinestro is probably the most difficult challenge.

  2. Purple Dave

    Oh, it would be nice if the new clear action-pose element could be ignored…but the truth is that thing seems to have a magnetic attraction to probing fingers.

    Anyways, I did find Mr. Miracle’s chain a couple times, but the first time I thought I’d found Batman’s climbing rope (they feel very similar until you actually test for the climbing grips). Once I had that figured out, I could actually identify him by it since Cyborg’s chains are much shorter. Purely by chance, I was able to ID Aquaman by his hook…once. It’s a terrible way to try to find him, but if you randomly chance upon it there’s no need to chase down the fish. I don’t think I ever found Stargirl’s bar, but there were a couple younger guys who were saying that they could rule out any minifig with a bar (apparently they’d found both Stargirl and Joker by that point). I had slightly better luck grabbing Cheetah’s tail than finding her money bag, and one time I even found her hat. Simon Baz sucks. So, so bad. Sinestro is tough enough since you still have to find the hair to prove it’s him, but it’s so much easier to find an element than to find not-an-element. Cyborg is almost as bad as his cybernetic hair is just not that distinctive (hey, at least it’s not a fifth below-the-shoulder hair!), but the short chain can actually be useful to clarify which minifig you’ve got, if you can figure out when you’ve found it, and you can be certain it’s not really the long chain. I’ve identified Batman by the cowl, the batarang, and the climbing rope. With Huntress, the fact that she’s the only one with a Utility Belt, _and_ she comes with two of them, made that a bit easier to find than the crossbow. Every Joker I’ve identified has been due to the beehive. I never once found the tile. Bumblebee I found more by the hair than the wings, but you have to pay attention so you don’t mix it up with Cheetah’s hat (and I never once found the electricity). The only time I ever found Flash’ helmet was when I was helping out a couple who had already found the other 15 minifigs. Mostly I found him by the neck bracket, but a few times I was able to catch the lightning bolts. And for Bat-mite, I don’t think I had any luck with the tile (really odd, given how big it is compared to the completed minifig). Mostly I found the short legs (the _only_ non-standard legs in this wave), and a few times I was able to hit the cowl at just the right angle where I could detect the lopsided ears.

    Is it for sure the capes that the inner bags are for? I was thinking it might have been for minifigs that were made in China since they seem to have an aversion to shipping loose parts that far. Also, I haven’t actually opened my complete set, but of the first five that I bought before launch, I found that Batman, Huntress, and Bat-Mite had inner bags and only one clear action stand, while Joker and Cheetah had no inner bags and two of the new action stands. I’m really curious if that’s true across the entire wave.

  3. David

    @Purple Dave: inner bags were introduced a couple of series ago, and so far only minifigures with capes are in inner bags (and the cape itself isn’t in the inner bag).

    Also “shipping that far” is a very subjective concept. I’m much closer to China than to many other countries. :-)
    Also, all CMF minifigures are made in China. Only boxed sets are made in different parts of the world depending on where you’re located.

  4. Ash

    Would love to know when these mini figures will be released in Australia. Really looking forward to them.

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