Run, Rincewind, run! (LEGO Discworld build)

Discworld fans will love this creative LEGO build from Eero Okkonen of the character Rincewind. A lot of LEGO builds are lauded for their smooth stud-free look, but Okkonen achieves a wonderful combination of both, giving the character an appropriately haggard appearance. The pieces used to create Rincewind’s facial hair, eyebrows, and sideburns are unique choices that work really well together, and I love how he uses Space Arms for the hands.

Run, Rincewind, run!

5 comments on “Run, Rincewind, run! (LEGO Discworld build)

  1. Pink Dave

    I am pretty sure those are skeleton arms used as fingers, not space arms.

    Is this consistent pointing out of wrong elements used in MOCs featured on TBB a concious decision to increase reader interaction with comments?

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