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The Supreme Life President of Hell will see you now

A meeting with the Supreme Life President of Hell sounds worse than a visit to the dentist for root canal treatment. Thanks to zgrredek, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld character of Astfgl has been brought to life in LEGO,  complete with a pile of paperwork to shuffle through. Discworld fans will know that Astfgl revolutionized Hell by moving away from physical torture and instead turned Hell into a mind-numbing bureaucracy.

Astfgl 3

The figure of Astfgl is perfect  with those clasped hands and evil grin. You can tell he’s just waiting to hand you a pile of impossibly long forms for completion. Without a doubt, the star of this build is the cracked, ‘fires of Hell’ floor with glowing embers. I feel an evil cackling laugh coming on…

Discworld’s Lu-Tze brought to life in LEGO

Eero Okkonen (Pate-Keetongu) continues his series of LEGO characters from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. This time round we’ve got an awesome rendition of Lu-Tze the fighting monk. Check out all the fabulous details in this model — the moustache and beard, the knot on the belt, the use of a snake as cigarette smoke, and the split-toe sandals. This is character-building at its absolute finest.


I don’t want to be captain – I can’t do the thinking!

Finnish builder Eero Okkonen does it again with this latest addition to his collection of Discworld characters. With donut in hand, Sergeant Colon looks like the Roman equivalent of a modern American cop (famous for their infinite love for this kind of pastry). Chain mail armor and caligae boots are perfectly captured in such a small scale, and those chubby cheeks look fantastic! Corporal Nobbs on the other hand is instantly recognizable with his big nose and cigarette. Despite the smaller scale, Eero’s attention to detail results in another two magnificent micro-sculptures.

Corporal Nobbs and Sergeant Colon