Watch LEGO Minions in a short animated video featuring their usual antics [News]

LEGO just shared a video of the lovable minions fully animated with LEGO bricks showcasing their silly antics and their journey in learning kung fu. The next instalment of the LEGO Minions movie was slated for 2020 but will not hit the big screens until July 2022 due to the current pandemic affecting the production and timelines.

The sequence is titled LEGO MINIONS: THE KUNG FU MASTER and while it only runs for about a minute and 42 seconds, it’s enough to potentially get a laugh or two out of the situation they’re in.

While the movie is on hold, the LEGO sets for the movie are out. If you need more time to fill the minion love between now and the movie, you may want to consider some of these sets to keep yourselves busy making your own stories. Check out our reviews of the sets that have been released.