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Learning the A to Zeffo of the Jedi

The video game Jedi: Fallen Order was a real boon for those with an interest in the history of the Jedi. Ethan Tesone has created a neat diorama of the planet Bogano, one of the first locations in the game and the home of the ancient Zeffo species. The essence of Bogano is perfectly captured, alongside some of the game’s key features. Of course we have protagonist Cal Kestis, with a custom BD-1 on his shoulder. The green crate likely hides some of the game’s collectibles – a poncho, or a lightsaber hilt, perhaps. And Cal stands atop a meditation circle, which act as the save points in the game. This might be my favourite part of the build, as it’s so well integrated into the ground. But best of all – it even lights up!

Bogano - Great Divide

This LEGO Star Wars creation based on Jedi: Fallen Order is action-heavy

This LEGO Star Wars creation from Cube Brick is based on the video game Jedi: Fallen Order. The build features a frantic action scene in the middle of an abandoned village built into the rocks. Rather than using typical vegetation pieces, the builder chose to mostly use green bricks instead, and it looks great. The damaged tower is a great focal point here, and the brick-made flag is a nice touch.

Abandoned Village on Zeffo

Check out the video to see all the details.

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