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This LEGO Star Wars creation based on Jedi: Fallen Order is action-heavy

This LEGO Star Wars creation from Cube Brick is based on the video game Jedi: Fallen Order. The build features a frantic action scene in the middle of an abandoned village built into the rocks. Rather than using typical vegetation pieces, the builder chose to mostly use green bricks instead, and it looks great. The damaged tower is a great focal point here, and the brick-made flag is a nice touch.

Abandoned Village on Zeffo

Check out the video to see all the details.

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Stay away from the Forbidden Island!

There’s many reasons why it’s called the ‘forbidden’ island, and builder Cube Brick shares a few of them with this tribal encounter.

Return to Forbidden Island

It looks like the sailor barely escaped being sacrificed to whatever these guys worship. However, I’m still on the island admiring the fantastic wet and dry sand job. I love the shells and the hermit crab!

Return to Forbidden Island

Interestingly, Cube Brick combined Classic LEGO island natives with new Aztec warrior minifigures. Doing so really helps the narrative that this is a dangerous place, especially with the skeleton in the cage and the de-armed figure on the altar! Yikes!

Star Wars: This place is the pits

Ever wonder what happened after Boba Fett and others fell into the Sarlacc Pit? Jabba sort of hinted there would be a thousand years of slow digestion but according to Cube Brick these LEGO denizens of the pit are having the time of their lives.

The Pit Cantina

Below the sand and the menacing toothy pit lies a lively cantina scene. Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes belts out the only tune they know while a Gungan serves up hard drinks (or blue milk) for the less inebriated. A Twi’lek tantalizes patrons with a pole dance floor show.

The Pit Cantina

And just when a thousand years of slow digestion seems like it couldn’t get any more enticing, the whole shebang shifts to accommodate mood lighting. Now everyone looks totally swanky! Bottoms up, weirdos!

The Pit Cantina