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Steven Spielberg and George Lucas collaborated on a classic trilogy of Indiana Jones movies between 1981 and 1989, followed by a fourth movie in 2008. LEGO released sets based on all four movies in 2008 and 2009, and Traveller’s Tales produced two LEGO video games based on the franchise. Here on The Brothers Brick, you’ll find LEGO models inspired by the movies from long before and after the brief series of official sets.

Presenting Min-diana Jones and the vignettes of the lost ark

He may only stand six LEGO plates tall, but the Indiana Jones in this series of “8-Bit Indy” vignettes by TBB alum Rod Gillies is still an archaeologist of action. And leading off the series is this fantastic bit of title lettering, showcasing the font associated with the franchise. I like the 3-D aspects here, helping the gradient letters pop out of the background even more. And don’t miss the tiny titular character sitting atop the 8-bit signage.

Microscale Indiana Jones

Check out some of the micro-highlights below!

LEGO Indiana Jones 77015: Temple of the Golden Idol [Review]

First launched in 2007, the LEGO Indiana Jones theme has brought us many fun scenes from all four movies, and as we prepare to rejoin our favorite professor/archeologist/adventurer in the upcoming 5th movie, LEGO has revived the theme with a wave of three new sets releasing in April. The largest set from this wave is the 18+ branded 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol, a 3-part diorama similar to smaller scenes from Harrison Ford’s other blockbuster franchise, Star Wars. The diorama set is based on the opening sequence of the movie Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, in which Indiana braves a dark and foreboding tomb in an attempt to recover an idol. Many key moments from this sequence are including, from the spiked trap that impales the unwary, the deep pit Indian swings across with his trusty bullwhip, a row of faces that shoot poison darts, and ending (or beginning) with a large boulder that rolls down a slope to block the exit, trapping anyone who isn’t fast enough to outrun it. The set includes a number of Technic elements that allow the play features to be operated simply by twisting dials mounted on the front. LEGO Indiana Jones 77014 The Temple of the Golden Idol contains 1,545 pieces and will be available on April 1 for US $149.99 | CAN $199.99 | UK £129.99

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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LEGO Indiana Jones theme returns with 3 new sets in April [News]

LEGO Indiana Jones joins The Lord of the Rings as a newly revived theme, returning after a 14-year hiatus. The original theme, which was available 2008-2009, included 18 sets, and LEGO has just revealed 3 new sets arriving April 1 based on the first and third films of the soon-to-be 5-film franchise. It’s a safe bet there will be more sets coming out based of the fifth movie, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, which hits theaters June 30. One additional set that’s been rumored is 77014 The Temple of Doom, whose set number slots in between the three sets revealed today. LEGO has issued an official statement noting that they have “consolidated the launch to focus on three products (77012, 77013, 77015) that feature some of the most iconic scenes from the Indiana Jones franchise.” It’s unclear if the Temple of Doom set will be released at a future date, or if it’s been canceled.

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A Star Wars scene but built in the style of a classic LEGO theme

Based on a scene from Rouge One: A Star Wars Story, Robert4168 has created this unique display which adopts the look of the LEGO Adventurers theme. Instead of the heroes obtaining the Death Star plans from a data library, here they appear to be climbing bookshelves in order to reach the treasure at the top. But alas, they are pursued and one of the heroes has fallen! A curved plant stem represents a guard for an elegant cutlass on the wall, with more of the piece forming an artistic trim at the upper section of the build. This is truly an unexpected combination of themes and it would be great to see more themes mashed together like this.

The Fall of Cassian

The brick is mightier than the sword

Everyone knows LEGO’s late-90s Adventurers theme was based loosely on Indiana Jones, and this fantastic diorama by norlego drives home the point by doing some character swapping, putting Johnny Thunder and Baron von Baron into the iconic tank scene from The Last Crusade. The build is magnificent, with the massive Hatay Heavy Tank looking straight out of the movie (which, as norlego points out, was a custom design for the film, not a real-world tank). Let’s hope Johnny doesn’t get raked over the treads!

A Sinister Tank Chase

norlego has been revisiting the Adventurers theme and giving it some much-needed love, starting with the splendid Adventurers Camp we featured last year. Check out more of norlego’s builds in TBB’s archives.

Indiana Thunder, uhm I mean Johnny Jones

To me, the Adventurers theme has always been LEGO’s answer to Indiana Jones before licensed sets were a thing. It is nice to stumble across like-minded people. Jesse van den Oetelaar did a mix between the Adventurers theme and Indiana Jones and the end result is amazing. The build looks gigantic. It is about 20 bricks high.Roller skates , binoculars and flowers plates are used as architectural details. There are foldable chairs and even an old school camera. The camera intrigues me as I can not break it down in my mind completely. I do know that Jesse cleverly used a brown flower stem as camera tripod. There also is an old school backpack used for the body of the camera. For the rest of the construction, I am completely clueless and would love a breakdown at some point.


Fun fact: You don’t need a body to drive a car

Sometimes, it can be difficult to build LEGO cars that look the right size for a minifigure, while also fitting a minifigure inside. Calin solves this problem by doing away with the figures completely from the neck down! By cutting out most the bodies of the driver and passenger, the car can be properly scaled and slender. While remaining this compact at minifigure scale, the parts usage can get quite interesting. On one hand, I love the grille brick used as the car’s grille. On the other hand, I also love how in some places, 1×2 tiles have been replaced by ingots, offering that extra level of detail that really bring this car to life.

1915 Saxon Model 14 - Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

In case of a lack of bullets, just use birds instead!

This just has to be one of the ‘silliest’ scene’s from Indiana Jones and the Lost Crusade and General Tilney managed to capture it quite perfectly in LEGO. The best thing about this photo is that everything is made from LEGO bricks, even the sky! Partway through the film, Indiana Jones and his father Henry are trying to escape from enemy airplanes. There is a lot of bombing involved and at one point, they get cornered on a beach full of birds. Father Henry charges the flock of seagulls while flapping his umbrella. This startles the seagulls and they take off into the airplane which causes it to crash. Henry mumbles a Charlemagne quote, which might actually not be a Charlemagne quote and the scene ends. That is some classic Indiana Jones right there!

I suddenly remembered my Charlemange...

Visiting this temple will be sure to bring some heartache

Some movies really tug on your heartstrings, getting you deep in the feels. For nerds out there like me, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom might tug on some heartstrings, too–or at least Mola Ram does. Ha. When I look at this LEGO model built by Henry Tilney, I certainly get the feels. What’s not to like? There is a great representation of some mining carts going down a roller coaster (clearly placed in the film for that amusement park tie-in), and there is Indiana himself, the eminent archaeologist/grave robber Henry Jones, Jr., perched beside a pit of lava. Hopefully he doesn’t end up burning up! Topping it all off is a camel, which doesn’t feature in The Temple of Doom that I recall, but certainly can be found in the final installment of the Indiana Jones trilogy, The Last Crusade.

Awesome 8-foot-long LEGO Indiana Jones diorama recreates Raiders of the Lost Ark intro [Video]

After wowing us with an amazing collaborative diorama of Cloud City, builder Caleb Watson has turned his skills to another classic Harrison Ford franchise, Indiana Jones. In this huge diorama, Indy runs through all the perils from the opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark as he escapes the temple with the idol. But this diorama holds a secret: it’s completely motorized, with minifigure Indy actually dodging each of the traps.

Check out this video of the action as Indy makes his way through the temple, and then read about the details of how it works below.

Learn more about this model below

Indiana Jones and the brick-built tank of brilliance

It’s one of the most famous action scenes in cinema — Indiana Jones taking on a fearsome tank, armed with little more than a rock. This unforgettable moment in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade is recreated brilliantly in LEGO by Joshua Brooks. The tank is wonderfully detailed, bedecked with equipment and cargo, and features nicely-sculpted gun sponsons. Also, don’t miss the added touch of brick-built clouds of dust kicked up at the rear of the tracks…

Rock vs Cannon

As Joshua puts it: “SPOILER ALERT — rock beats cannon”…

The Indy Effect

You can’t do this to me, I’m an American!

Even more than 35 years after its first screening, Raiders of the Lost Ark still remains a perfect adventure movie. Lego Fjotten masterfully recreates the iconic Cairo scene capturing all the characters including that bad little monkey! Bonus points are for the minifigures right from the 7195 Ambush in Cairo set, and with all the accessories around you can easily re-enact that action-packed passage.

Raiders of the Lost Ark