Johnny Thunder gets colorized

Norlego takes us on an LEGO Adventure with everyone’s favorite non-licensed LEGO adventurer Johnny Thunder! In some creations, the minifigures are the last things that get added to bring the scene to life. My guess is that in this creation, the minifigures were created first and inspired the rest of the build. All the usual suspects are there. We have Johnny, Pippin Reed, Dr. Kilroy, and wherever Johnny goes his nemesis Sam Sinister follows. Also, there are Slyboots, Mike and Harry Cane. This time they are portrayed in a more realistic skin tone rather than yellow.

Adventurers - Oasis campsite

Norlego built an irregularly shaped base with lots of angles and exposed studs, perfectly mimicking the desert lands of Egypt. What would an oasis be without some lush palm trees? These are made beautifully. The use of the prickly bush for the dead leaves at the base of the palm tree is a really nice touch. The colour of the swordleaf indicates whether a leaf is dead, doing fine or a baby leaf. Or maybe I am just looking into it too much? Last but not least I think the table deserves some love. It is made out of triangle road signs. The seams between the road signs make the table look fold-able which would really be handy when going on an adventure.

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2 comments on “Johnny Thunder gets colorized

  1. Dano Drisdelle

    Why are they all white? Feels kinda racist to assume that they were supposed to be white.

  2. HÃ¥kan

    @Dano Drisdelle
    Well, if we are to judge from their sources of inspiration, it feels likely…

    Secnodly, about the colorization. I find that both the minifigs and their surroundings get a more subdued color scheme here, than in the original sets. (Although that would depend some on where in the world they traveled to…)

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