Presenting Min-diana Jones and the vignettes of the lost ark

He may only stand six LEGO plates tall, but the Indiana Jones in this series of “8-Bit Indy” vignettes by TBB alum Rod Gillies is still an archaeologist of action. And leading off the series is this fantastic bit of title lettering, showcasing the font associated with the franchise. I like the 3-D aspects here, helping the gradient letters pop out of the background even more. And don’t miss the tiny titular character sitting atop the 8-bit signage.

Microscale Indiana Jones

Now, I don’t have space to cover everything in this series, but I do want to hit some of my favorites. And the first one is the scene that started it all: Indy retrieving the Chachapoyan Idol. The approximation of that idol as the end of a gold bar poking out of an open stud is perfect in this scale. And getting the section of floor it sits on to stick up half a plate is a real challenge in this scale! I wonder how big the stone ball would be?

"This is where Forrestal cashed in..."

For this next scene, I can’t do any better than Rod’s own words here: “Small bricks. Why did it have to be small bricks?” The statues in this scale are perfect, and I love the inclusion of the hieroglyphics sticker in the background. But that 4-piece Ark of the Covenant is absolutely brilliant! And I adore the little bit of texturing included in the dark tan floor.

"A secret chamber, called The Well of Souls..."

Finally, this fight at the airfield may just be my favorite scene of the series. The plane is a brilliant design, utilizing this trapezoidal flag to great effect. But the best part has got to be the immediate identification of Indy’s foe from just a stack of 4 pieces, mostly in tan. This whole series communicates so much with so little. It’s truly a collection of micro-masterpieces!

Flying Wing Punch-Up

If you’d like to see the whole collection, please check out Rod’s gallery on Flickr. It does not disappoint!

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  1. Rod Gillies

    Hey! Thank you for the feature. Much appreciated.

    Love the Min-diana Jones line. Kicking myself for not thinking of that!

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