What the world needs now is a TIE Bungalow

The other day I was telling anyone who would listen, which was precisely no one as it turned out, that LEGO has never produced a UCS TIE Bomber. Well, if Stewart Lamb Cromar was within earshot we might be best bros by now as his write-up for this creation states pretty much the same thing. There is no UCS TIE Bomber so Stu (can I call you Stu?) took matters into his creative hands with the Fabuland TIE Bungalow. It combines the joy of living in a sweet Fabuland-style house with the exhilaration of being all Star Wars-y and bombing rebel bases. Sign me up! Billy Bear even somewhat resembles the all-black-clad TIE Fighter pilots. Combining awesome themes is pretty much Stewart’s thing. If you dig the Fabuland vibe, (and who doesn’t, really?) then check out our Fabuland Archives to see unique creations by Stewart and others.

'TIE Bungalow' ❤️???????? (1/7)