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Microscale LEGO probe droid is a mini-masterpiece

When it comes to Star Wars droids, few are as instantly recognizable as the Imperial Viper probe droid. The multi-eyed, multi-armed profile still gives me chills thinking back to the first time we saw it unfolding above the white landscape of Hoth like a mechanical nightmare. Calin has captured the likeness in LEGO masterfully at such a small scale… using a variety of rounded black parts for the eyes, from a train wheel with a red bar in the center, to a tire, and even a helmet or two. The use of angled droid arms is the perfect choice for those spindly claw-tipped limbs. And a pair of fencing foils make for great antennae.

Imperial Viper Probe Droid

When life gives you arches, make arches-ade.

Builder Calin picked up a set of small inverted arches for a project, but found they didn’t fit as he’d intended. But rather than toss them directly into his parts bin, he found the inspiration to use them in this delightful T-Bucket hot rod. A few tiles and ingots to build out the fenders and running boards, and this build is off to the races. Proof that when it comes to LEGO, no parts ever really go to waste.


Fun fact: You don’t need a body to drive a car

Sometimes, it can be difficult to build LEGO cars that look the right size for a minifigure, while also fitting a minifigure inside. Calin solves this problem by doing away with the figures completely from the neck down! By cutting out most the bodies of the driver and passenger, the car can be properly scaled and slender. While remaining this compact at minifigure scale, the parts usage can get quite interesting. On one hand, I love the grille brick used as the car’s grille. On the other hand, I also love how in some places, 1×2 tiles have been replaced by ingots, offering that extra level of detail that really bring this car to life.

1915 Saxon Model 14 - Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

A minifig scaled tumbler to fit the Dark Knight’s darkest mood

When it comes to building minifig cars with minimal parts and maximum details, Calin stands out as one of the best craftsmen. Take his latest model of the Dark Knight’s Tumbler, which uses a number of wedge plates along with some mind-boggling construction techniques to create the very complex angled profile that makes this prototype vehicle from Wayne Industries R&D department so unique. And according to the builder, this model even opens up to fit the caped crusader.

The Dark Knight

If you noticed the triangle road signs and are wondering what set they come in, you are out of luck. These have been painted black (very well, by the way). The wheels come from a model kit but fit in very nicely. Another great and missable detail are the tiny struts for the rear spoilers, made from minifig hands.