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When life gives you arches, make arches-ade.

Builder Calin picked up a set of small inverted arches for a project, but found they didn’t fit as he’d intended. But rather than toss them directly into his parts bin, he found the inspiration to use them in this delightful T-Bucket hot rod. A few tiles and ingots to build out the fenders and running boards, and this build is off to the races. Proof that when it comes to LEGO, no parts ever really go to waste.


Krossing the Kookie T-Bucket off the T-Bucket list

In 1952 the gregarious larger-than-life Norm Grabowski took a ’31 Ford Model A V8 roadster and, with some unconventional customizations, made hot rodding history with his equally gregarious and larger-than-life Kookie T-Bucket. With its flashy red and blue color scheme and cartoonish proportions it was a pivotal car for sure. Norm’s T-bucket helped push hot rodding to the forefront of American pop culture. In fact, anyone building T-Buckets today borrows some DNA from this Kooky-T. Fast forward nearly 70 years later and LEGO car builder 1saac W. has paid homage to Norm and his Kookie-T and scratched this one off his T-bucket to-do list. Be sure to check out the other times we went totally kookie for 1saac’s stuff.

Norm Grabowski's Kookie T-bucket