Krossing the Kookie T-Bucket off the T-Bucket list

In 1952 the gregarious larger-than-life Norm Grabowski took a ’31 Ford Model A V8 roadster and, with some unconventional customizations, made hot rodding history with his equally gregarious and larger-than-life Kookie T-Bucket. With its flashy red and blue color scheme and cartoonish proportions it was a pivotal car for sure. Norm’s T-bucket helped push hot rodding to the forefront of American pop culture. In fact, anyone building T-Buckets today borrows some DNA from this Kooky-T. Fast forward nearly 70 years later and LEGO car builder 1saac W. has paid homage to Norm and his Kookie-T and scratched this one off his T-bucket to-do list. Be sure to check out the other times we went totally kookie for 1saac’s stuff.

Norm Grabowski's Kookie T-bucket