Snout and Buzzer may or may not have good intensions

Meet Snout and Buzzer. They’re not your average mechs. The LEGO builder with the enigmatic name of Sheo. tells us that Snout is a scout mech equipped with a sensitive sensor array. Meanwhile the Buzzer mech emits a powerful field of pure bliss. Anyone affected stands paralyzed. All of this sounds fishy to me. Now why would this pair go looking for people and then give them pure bliss? At what cost does this bliss come by? And what is with those bright red minifigures? Are they a fuel source? This creation boasts more questions than answers. Still, I might like just a sample, a tiny taste, a micro-dose of that pure bliss. It’s the trendy thing nowadays, isn’t it? perhaps rub just a tiny bit of it on my gums and then I can decide if I want to procure more. Wise decision, do you think? While you’re mulling that over, check out the other times we were tempted by this builder’s offerings.

Snout & Buzzer