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The lifeblood of LEGO building

On the heels of his blue-based LEGO build, Casey McCoy goes from a creation lamenting death to one that surges forth with life. A brown figure, back overgrown with shrubbery, ponders a butterfly underneath a beautiful, verdant archway. The path before this figure drops off in a cascade of greenery, a wonderous building technique utilizing nets underneath the sea of studs. You can catch a better peek at the underling technique where it’s also used on top of the arch as well. This lattice of 1×1 plates is bounded by a verge of innovative flower designs, relying heavily on the five-pointed eggshell/crown piece. Even the gorgeous white railing falls away at the edge of the scene, the pattern decaying more and more as it approaches the void.

Growing on You - #1

When life gives you arches, make arches-ade.

Builder Calin picked up a set of small inverted arches for a project, but found they didn’t fit as he’d intended. But rather than toss them directly into his parts bin, he found the inspiration to use them in this delightful T-Bucket hot rod. A few tiles and ingots to build out the fenders and running boards, and this build is off to the races. Proof that when it comes to LEGO, no parts ever really go to waste.