A minifig scaled tumbler to fit the Dark Knight’s darkest mood

When it comes to building minifig cars with minimal parts and maximum details, Calin stands out as one of the best craftsmen. Take his latest model of the Dark Knight’s Tumbler, which uses a number of wedge plates along with some mind-boggling construction techniques to create the very complex angled profile that makes this prototype vehicle from Wayne Industries R&D department so unique. And according to the builder, this model even opens up to fit the caped crusader.

The Dark Knight

If you noticed the triangle road signs and are wondering what set they come in, you are out of luck. These have been painted black (very well, by the way). The wheels come from a model kit but fit in very nicely. Another great and missable detail are the tiny struts for the rear spoilers, made from minifig hands.

2 comments on “A minifig scaled tumbler to fit the Dark Knight’s darkest mood

  1. Lego Bee

    So why is this guy getting accreditation for a set that they sell from multiple vendors worldwide? He did not design it, maybe modified it a bit, but as far as amazing I guess we are all entitled to our opinions.

  2. Xenomurphy

    @Lego Bee:
    This “guy”–his name is Calin by the way–is one of the best designers that I’ve seen in my whole life. All of his vehicle MOCs are outstanding and nothing short of brilliant. I’m not fit to hold a candle him.

    This is not an official set that was modified–this is his own creation. And I know that there are a lot of shady sellers rebuilding his stuff and selling it as their own on respective platforms.

    There are many LEGO Tumbler versions out there with lots of different building styles, but as far as I’m concerned, his version is by far the best.

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