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DC Comics’ legendary Dark Knight has a solid place in the world of LEGO, with official LEGO Batman sets released in 2006-2008 and again starting in 2012 (As part of the LEGO Super Heroes DC Universe line). Along the way, there have also been two LEGO Batman video games. But all the official products pale in comparison to the wonderful fan-built Batmobiles, Batwings, and variations on the Batcave. See all of them right here on The Brothers Brick.

This LEGO Dark Knight is more than black and dark gray

While LEGO Batman will forever be Will Arnett, there’s certainly room for creations that take the caped crusader a bit more seriously. For instance, check out this glorious scene from Batman Begins by Joe (jnj_bricks). Within their temple high in the Tibetan Himalayas, the League of Shadows is about to adopt a new member. But Bruce Wayne manages an escape from Ra’s al Ghul and his minions. Here we see the explosion that kicks off the action-packed scene, frozen in plastic-y time. And it’s a good thing, too, because it allows us plenty of time to admire Joe’s impressive use of Harry Potter wands in the vignette. Employed both in the windows above and the railings below, the pair of wands still attached to their sprue provide an interesting and hard-to-achieve texture in the model.

Ra's al Ghul’s Home

This 1:1 scale gun is no laughing matter

When it comes to life-size prop recreations built from LEGO, Nick Jensen might be the reigning champion. His latest work is the revolver wielded by Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker. This is the perfect weapon for going bat hunting, with a movable trigger and a perfectly purple grip. But my favorite part is the “Bang” flag coming out of the barrel. Thanks to a clever sandwiching of a LEGO net between some tiles and plates, the flag can actually wave. As in, wave bye-bye to the Batman…

The Joker’s revolver

LEGO DC 76265 Batwing Batman vs. The Joker [REVIEW]

If you’ve ever wondered how Bruce Wayne got to be a billionaire, the answer is simple: this is a man who understands branding. Why else have a plane in the exact shape of your own symbol? Branding. It’s simple. It’s perfect. It’s pure Wayne, baby! And it’s coming to toy store shelves soon in the form of LEGO DC 76265 Batwing Batman vs. The Joker. At first glance, this companion piece to the 76224 Batmobile set might seem redundant. Just another Bat-vehicle with the same two characters as minifigures? But the Batwing might be hiding a few surprises in store for you. And I’m not just talking about a giant pair of scissors. (In fact, this set explicitly does not include the giant scissors.) This 357-piece set will be available Aug 1st for US $37.99 | CAN $49.99 | UK £31.99.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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LEGO DC 76224 Batmobile: Batman vs. The Joker Chase [REVIEW]

Believe it or not, there was a time when movies about superheroes were few and far between. Comics were seen by the general audience as cheap and disposable children’s entertainment. But all that changed in 1989, when Tim Burton’s Batman conquered the world. From clothing to video games to breakfast cereal, it seemed like there was nowhere you could go without getting a bat-logo shoved in your face. And we loved it. Batman would continue to dominate the cultural landscape well into the 1990s, but Michael Keaton would only reprise the character for the follow-up Batman Returns and then never play the character again ever in any movie at all. (No need to fact-check that statement, I’ve done the research.) And, while LEGO recently celebrated Batman Returns with the impressive 76252 Batcave Shadowbox set, the original 1989 film that started it all is getting some more affordable love with two smaller sets featuring Batman’s iconic vehicles. The first of these is 76224 Batmobile: Batman vs. The Joker Chase. This 438-piece set will be available August 1st for US $47.99 | CAN $59.99 | UK £42.99. But is it a set worthy of the cultural juggernaut that spawned it? Let’s get nuts and find out.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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We’ve gotta build a bigger Batcave!

If you’ve been eyeballing the new 4,000-piece LEGO Batcave but don’t have a spare $400 to drop on a superhero shadowbox, you could take a cue from Ids de Jong and go small. This awesome microscale recreation riffs on one of LEGO’s official lifestyle images of the Batcave displayed on a mantle, but this tiny version is 100% brick-built, including the background. The whole Batcave is only a handful of pieces but still has an instantly recognizable bat emblem.

The Bat Cave

LEGO brings the black bat brick base back as Batcave Shadowbox [News]

LEGO has unveiled 76252 Batcave Shadowbox today, a 3981-piece Batcave-in-a-box loaded with features, light bricks, and a tricked-out Batmobile build. It goes on sale with VIP early access on June 5th and broad availability on June 8th for US $399.99 | CAN $519.99 | UK £344.99.

Here’s the set description from LEGO:

Adult enthusiasts can recreate the iconic Batcave™ from 1992’s Batman Returns™ movie with the LEGO® DC Batman™ Batcave – Shadow Box (76252). This 3,981-piece tableau incorporates movable items, minifigures and a feature-rich Batmobile™ to produce a detailed and dynamic display piece that will captivate all who see it.

Batman drama in a display case

Measuring over 20 in. (51 cm) wide, this Batcave tableau contains an assortment of authentic details, including movable items that can be controlled from the rear. Users can turn the chair, change the computer screen and open and close the tool store and illuminated Batsuit™ vault. For extra realism, a Batmobile with a variety of hands-on features is included along with 7 minifigures: Max Shreck, The Penguin™, Catwoman™, 2 versions of Batman, Alfred Pennyworth™ and Bruce Wayne™. For added convenience, a digital version of the set’s building instructions can be found on the LEGO Builder app.

  • A Batman™ tableau – Adult enthusiasts can capture the drama and style of the Batcave™ from 1992’s Batman Returns™ movie with the LEGO® DC Batman Batcave – Shadow Box (76252) active display model
  • Authentic details – The scene includes a feature-rich Batmobile™ and 7 minifigures: Max Shreck, The Penguin™, Catwoman™, 2 versions of Batman™, Alfred Pennyworth™ and Bruce Wayne™
  • Dynamic action – Movable items can be controlled from the rear: turn the chair, change the computer screen and open and close the tool store and illuminated Batsuit™ vault
  • Realistic Batmobile™ – The roof opens for the Batman™ minifigure with the fabric cape to enter. Turning the cog on the side causes 2 hidden shooters to appear. A flame element attaches to the exhaust
  • Gift for adults – Experienced model-makers and Super Hero movie enthusiasts will find this rewarding build-and-display project provides pleasure long after the construction work is over
  • Collectible curio – Measuring over 11 in. (29 cm) high, 20 in. (51 cm) wide and 5.5 in. (14 cm) deep, this celebration of Batman™ style will add interest to any home or workplace
  • Use your mobile device – For added convenience, a digital version of the set’s building instructions can be found on the LEGO Builder app and rotate the model in 3D, save sets, track progress and find inspiration for new builds
  • Relax and recharge – The range of LEGO® Sets for Adults provides a rewarding build-and-display experience that lasts long after the construction work has been completed
  • Quality guaranteed – LEGO® components meet stringent industry quality standards to ensure they are consistent, compatible and easy to build with
  • Safety assured – LEGO® bricks and pieces are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed to make sure they satisfy rigorous global safety standards

We’ve fallen in love with this Tumbler variation.

In the movie Batman Begins, the Batmobile is a prototype military vehicle that never made it into full production. But, had the Tumbler been put into military use, there’d probably be all kinds of variations on it in pop culture, like this Mass Effect 2 inspired version by Slick_Brick. The Tumbler’s trademark wheels and back fins make the vehicle instantly recognizable. But the details like rooftop lights and four minifigure seating give it an identity all its own.

Commander Shepard and the N7 Tumbler

And as a nice bonus detail, the display base has a clever set of tire tracks built into it. And check out that jet booster.

The N7 Tumbler (Jet Booster)

This town needs an enlargement.

Joel Schumacher’s neon-colored sequels get a lot of flack for being overly stylized, but revisit 1989’s Batman and you might be struck by just how Tim Burton-y it really is. Shannon Sproule has perfectly captured the essence of Gotham’s production design in these microscale buildings. While later filmmakers like Nolan and Reeves opted for a more grounded and realistic Gotham, Burton created a city that was every bit as weird and wonderous as Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, just in darker colors. Harsh angles, elegant curves, giant pipes, vents, and numerous statues are all the rage in this town. And they’re kept safe by a very, very tiny Michael Keaton.

Gotham 1989 doodles

As a fellow plant hoarder Poison Ivy will always be my favourite Batman villain

People who collect LEGO tend to collect other things. My boyfriend calls this hoarding. For me it is plants, mid century furniture, vases and pots. It is nice to see Abe Fortier manage to put all these elements into one amazing LEGO creation. We have a green house inspired by the Batman franchise. We get tall glass windows in a white building covered with lush foliage. Propagation stations on teak mid century design furniture and lots of pots and vases housing various plants and flowers. If you look closely enough you might even spot a sprouting Groot somewhere in this creation.

Ivy’s Greenhouse

Check Abe’s photostream for more LEGO Batman creations.

A LEGO Batmobile scaled down for minifig Michael Keaton

For me and my generation, the iconic Batmobile will always be the 1989 version from the Tim Burton movie. And this minifig-scale LEGO version by Jerry Builds Bricks is a beautiful recreation of Bruce’s vehicle of choice. I’m most impressed by the parts the builder chose not to include. There’s neither a bat wing nor printed piece in sight. Instead, setting this build apart from the numerous Batmobiles of this scale churned out by LEGO since 2006, the vehicle relies entirely on sculpting from curved slopes and angled tiles to achieve all the sleek curves seen in the movies. I especially like the brick-built batwings on the rear of the car, as well as the clever use of the black rubber tubing for the cockpit’s windscreen.


Happy Bat Day to you

The best part about being friends with us Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs) is the custom gifts. To celebrate a friend’s birthday, Dan Ko crafted this tribute to The Dark Knight, and what a gift it is. This stunning statue depicts Batman leaping from a Gotham City gargoyle and into action. The Caped Crusader is perfectly captured here, with an impressively effective cowl construction and a video game controller ingeniously repurposed for his chest emblem. And the gargoyle head itself has so much character that I almost want to see a mad scientist bring it to life. (As if Batman didn’t have enough to worry about…)

A Bat Day

Holy LEGO build, Batman!

I’m a huge Batman fan, be it comics, cartoons, films or brick. In LEGO form, I’m always looking for something unique that’s perhaps not black (or very very dark grey!) and along comes DekuScrub72 with this fantastic build, lifted straight from the classic ’60s series! The vignette recreates the famous scene of the dynamic duo moving past an open window and meeting a local with a hint of the Gotham skyline beyond with Trans-Brown plates adding subtle detail as windows on the city block beyond and the Unikitty stand as clouds. And, just like the way the show was filmed, the scene is tilted 90 degrees!

Batman 1966 Vignette