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This LEGO Pingu is just too adorable

If you grew up in the 90s watching European television, there’s a good chance you love Pingu. The stop-motion animated adventures of the adorable little penguin ran for over 15 years starting in 1990. Builder Johan Alexanderson has made four tiny LEGO scenes of an ordinary day in the life of Pingu as he putters about his nicely furnished Antarctic igloo. The penguins are an adorable mix of minifigure elements and bricks with a little customization for the eyes. Noot noot!

An ordinary day for LEGO Pingu

Pingu has appeared on TBB a few times in the past, including a previous scene by Johan where Pingu meets a walrus. We also highlighted a cute larger-scale Pingu.

Birds of a feather that click together

This trio of 1:10 scale avian models by Luis Peña utilise unexpected elements in some unique ways. Take for example the humble LEGO macaroni tube. Here it’s reimagined as the elegant neck of a blushing pink flamingo.

Andean Flamingo .1:10 Scale LEGO Model

Check out the other two birds

It’s never too late! You still have time to build a Christmas themed BrickHeadz [Instructions]

If you have the Go Brick Me set on hand, you’re in luck! You have all the parts to build this cute penguin in black and white. Builder Stormythos designed this lil’ Christmas-themed fella with only the parts available within the kit. I love the detailing around the neck with a festive scarf that trails down to the front.

If you have a bigger stash beyond the Go Brick me Kit, you may want to try building this Elf on a Shelf. It breaks away from the standard BrickHeadz template with extended arms and feet which makes it a little livelier.

Get the instructions here and start building! And if you somehow don’t have the Go Brick Me set, it’s not too late to grab one off the online shelves for a loved one! It’s a perfect gift for hours of fun!

Pingu! Pingu!

Anyone who has ever watched an episode of Pingu! will instantly recognize this lovable penguin with a big heart and an even bigger knack for getting into trouble. CHUNG-HENG CHENG has captured his likeness, along with his adorable baby sister Pinga perfectly. Be sure to take a closer look, as the scale might easily fool you.


Symbol of freedom for an open sourced world

It’s nice to see another Lego enthusiast acknowledging a bigger movement in the technology world. This penguin or referred to as Tux is the mascot for the Linux operating system. The image of a slightly fat penguin after having a fulfilling meal was the part of the inspiration by the ‘father’ of Linux, Linus Torvalds. Timofey Tkachev does a beautiful rendition of Tux with only 60 pieces. I really need one of this on my desktop at work!



Chillful William, ladies and gentlemen!

Famous cartoon character Chilly Willy is probably the most charesmatic penguin in the whole state of Alaska. (Yes, he’s from Alaska — I double checked that!) His enormous charm fits in just a hanful of hand-drawn lines. Tremah put together a dozen or so black and white armour pieces and captured all the charm this little penguin has. Even his adorable hat! I wish I could place this build on my work desk, so that it would show people who distract me from blogging where the door is!

Chillful William