Birds of a feather that click together

This trio of 1:10 scale avian models by Luis Peña utilise unexpected elements in some unique ways. Take for example the humble LEGO macaroni tube. Here it’s reimagined as the elegant neck of a blushing pink flamingo.

Andean Flamingo .1:10 Scale LEGO Model

It also takes a special type of genius to see a small frog element and think giant coot’s beak. But somehow this works, with Luis’ creation achieving a surprising amount of anatomical accuracy as a result.

Giant Coot (Fulica gigantea). 1:10 Scale LEGO Model

Finally, he gives us the cutest family of emperor penguins. Whilst here the selection of bricks comes from LEGO’s core system, there is convincing shaping for each, especially the downy chick, which I just I adore.

Emperor Penguin LEGO model 1:10 Scale