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Home is where the tree is

This LEGO scene by Josh speaks of gentle breezes and a relaxing atmosphere to rest. Take a moment to appreciate everything on display here. Vibrant colors are everywhere, from the coral beneath the water to the bright blue house and the greenery surrounding it. And there’s wildlife everywhere! Some crabs hang out underwater while a rabbit explores the verdant foliage. Butterflies and a cute little bumblebee visit the blooming flower patch, and a green duck lazily floats by the house and reeds. Standing tall over all of it is the great living tree with it’s branches spread wide to offer shade to all below. But not too much shade, or those flowers and vines atop the house would have trouble growing! This is a lovely build with cool techniques in the suspended water layer and the curving roof. Oh, look–a blue bird!

Under the Leaves

Life-size LEGO raccoon, made of 3,750 pieces, is right up your alley!

With this taxidermist-quality replica of Procyon lotor, builder Felix Jaensch displays just how much can be done using primarily basic LEGO bricks and plates. I mean, this is the kind of shaping and contouring we’re used to seeing at LEGOLAND theme parks! The coloration here is perfect, and I especially like the pixelated fade from light to dark gray about halfway up the beast. Trying to balance a color gradient with 3D shaping can go wrong very quickly, but Felix handles it here like a pro.


Zooming in on the face, there’s the continuation of the stepped contouring from the body going down right to the end of the trash panda’s boop-able snoot. The other features added here (the eyes, ears, etc.) aren’t composed of the same basic bricks and plates as the rest of the body. Yet these features don’t feel out of place in the design. Despite introducing some slopes and curves, they don’t distract from the form, and gently draw attention to the key features of the animal.


Elephants are back in the new LEGO City Summer 2021 sets [News]

With the first official picture of the upcoming LEGO City sets published by an Italian retailer today, we can finally have a detailed look at all the new elements and animals available this summer. This season it’s all about wildlife and rescuing wild animals. Only three sets are revealed so far, but we expect the line-up to include more products. Prices and availability are yet to be announced, but we expect all the sets to go on sale no earlier than July 1.

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It’s always time for adventure with the new LEGO Creator 3-in-1 31116 Safari Wildlife Tree House! [Review]

A couple months ago some marketing material put out by the LEGO Group seemingly, accidentally teased an image of an unknown new set. Gasps ensued. An adorable giraffe?! Where can I get that?! Well folks, now it’s here. The new Creator 3-in-1 set 31116 Wildlife Safari Tree House is coming to shelves near you! This kit will be available March 1st, and will retail for US $29.99 | CAN $39.99 | UK £29.99. Join us as we don our safari vests and tour this fun new addition to the LEGO Creator line.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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Build your own LEGO Cahuil gull [Instructions]

From the Andean condor to the black-necked swan, Luis Peña García has shared his appreciation of South American birds and wildlife by recreating them in LEGO. This time, Luis builds the Cahuil gull, also known as the brown-hooded gull. The red minifig flippers make excellent webbed feet for navigating the marshes and freshwater lakes. The 1×1 printed round eye tile is the perfect representation of the Cahuil gull’s white feathers around its eye. Simplistic and full of great part usages, this lil’ guy is the perfect desk buddy or shelf display.

Gather up your parts and begin building! Click here to for the instructions on how to make your own Cahuil Gull

What a hoot!

If you ever find yourself wandering through the lush tropical forests of Lanyu Island, off the coast of Taiwan, you may come face to face with a Lanyu Horned Owl. But don’t be frightened! The Lanyu Horned Owl’s piercing yellow eyes and pointed ear tufts are just for show and it’s probably only looking for a nice midnight rodent snack. Our nocturnal friend comes in peace, as we find it calmly perched as Ian Hou’s latest LEGO bird creation. Ian uses a combination of curved sloped bricks for the owl’s wings and staggered wedge plates to render the plumage on its face and backside. Dark tan shell pieces form most of the owl’s chest feathers. The result is a wonderfully realistic build, shaped in all the right ways.

DOGOD_Otus elegans_s01

Birds of a feather that click together

This trio of 1:10 scale avian models by Luis Peña utilise unexpected elements in some unique ways. Take for example the humble LEGO macaroni tube. Here it’s reimagined as the elegant neck of a blushing pink flamingo.

Andean Flamingo .1:10 Scale LEGO Model

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The mysteries under the surface of a pangolin

If you are asking yourself what exactly this creation by Delayice is supposed to be, do not feel guilty. Take the time to look closely and examine the detail of this strange creature, the Pangolin, that is threatened with extinction. Indeed, it is a living island, an endangered animal and simultaneously a spectre of the four seasons walked by a monochromatic, green minifigure. All this is relevant to the artistic message, as stated by the builder; it is a reminder of how beautiful and diverse nature is and that it should not go to waste.

Island of Pangolin

Now I know I should be asking myself philosophical questions like why is the minifigure walking from winter to autumm? what is the significance of the door on the top? what are the implications of the barrels under the ice? But, what drives me nuts is whether the ice (lined by snow at the shoreline) is supposed to be floating on water or is the animal carrying a piece of ice that it broke from the ice sheet.