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Live from Lunar Base One: The Moon Rocks!

Meet The Moon Rocks, the grooviest and most rockin’ band this side of Alpha Centauri! Composed by Julius von Brunk, this LEGO build will knock your socks off with the hard rock jamming coming from this moon base. Check out the station they’re playing at — there are a lot of cool details making up the workings of the space base. The cool bendy tubing on the walls and the rocky foundation are awesome, but take a look at the mosaics. They possess fantastic details despite some plate color limitations. On the left, a window looks at Earth, no doubt experiencing some serious FOMO for the party happening on the moon! On the right is a huge jumbotron screen showcasing the band’s lead singer as they push the speakers to the max.

The Moon Rocks

Check out the concert!

Here we are now, entertain us

Leave it to me to move into an area a decade after its peak. Had I have moved to the Seattle area sooner, I could have witnessed firsthand the Grunge wave that killed hair metal. Bummer. LEGO builder Julius von Brunk is surely a fan of Grunge as evidenced by his latest build featuring bobble-headed rock gods from Nirvana. On the left, we have the tall bassist Krist Novoselic. On drums, we have the shirtless and ever-prolific Dave Grohl and finally, we have the legendary frontman Kurt Cobain with his left-handed Fender guitar. Julius tells us that when LEGO came out with the Fender Stratocaster set they held a contest in which the winner could win a real guitar. He didn’t have the entire band finished by the contest deadline but had entered Kurt Cobain’s figure. Julius goes on to say that, despite not having the cigarette featured, his entry was rejected due to using “inappropriate materials”. We’re not sure if this means the use of illegal build techniques or LEGO’s overall dissatisfaction with the Grunge scene. Well, you’re a winner in our eyes, Julius! Here’s the proof.

LEGO Nirvana Bobbles

This Super Nintendo Entertainment System is more than meets the eye

There’s a worry that when someone builds something in LEGO that looks so much like the real thing folks may simply pass it up when scrolling through social media. We at The Brothers Brick, on the other hand, are slightly more astute than the average bear when it comes to spotting clever LEGO creations. I can assure you, fellow bears, that this creation by Julius von Brunk is a clever one. It likely would have been featured anyway if it was merely a well-built LEGO facsimile of the Super Nintendo Game Console. Normally, we’d highlight this or that sweet build technique, point out a nice parts usage here or there then move on with our day. Shampoo, rinse, repeat. But then. But then upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that each element, the game console, cartridge, and both controllers transform into robots!

LEGO Super Nintendo Transformers (group shot)

Click here to see more. You know you want to!

Doggocurrency, a great investment indeed

Stocks and cryptocurrency are hot topics these days. I know almost nothing about both but have been somewhat keeping up with the discussions of such in the news. Recently an alternative to bitcoin has been released – the “dogecoin,” which is a type of cryptocurrency featuring the hilariously cute face of the Shiba Inu dog from the “Doge” meme. Builder Julius von Brunk, presents a rich LEGO homage to this fun and new form of crypto.


This brick-built good boy is raking in some of the best coinage LEGO has to offer, including the original LEGO coin element and some pearl gold 1×1 and 2×2 tiles. Mr. Doge himself is fashioned out of many different kinds of slopes, bricks, and tiles in tan and white colors, with his adorable black nose rendered by a black technic ball joint. I’d say this model was well worth von Brunk’s time and efforts.

Angry Video Game Nerd is angry

If you were into video games in the mid-2000’s you will undoubtedly recognize this influential character. Builder Julius von Brunk perfectly captures all the fury and foul-mouthed appeal of the Angry Video Game Nerd in LEGO form. Having been a video game journalist during those heady days, I knew who this was at first glance. This speaks volumes not only about the popularity of the AVG, but the builder’s talent at creating characters. The pose is full of enraged action and the head is cleverly built with loads of expression. I love the inclusion of the Gameboy and Nintendo cartridge that recalls the early days when AVGN was known as the Angry Nintendo Nerd. I also got a chuckle out of the Atari E.T cartridge, a game widely recognized as the worst video game ever made and a frequent subject of the AVGN’s ire.

Angry Video Game Nerd

The Joy of Building with Bob Ross

These days you could do a lot worse than spending some time listening to a soothing voice and being creative. If ever there was an icon for that sort of thing, it would have to be Bob Ross. Julius von Brunk has created a LEGO version of the master painter that is just as inspiring and every bit as clever. From the metallic silver of the lightsaber hilt in the paintbrush to the mixture of tiles and various styles of 1×1 round plates as paint, the use of parts in Bob’s tools are as inspiring as the techniques in the artist himself. The use of a 3L bar and tan clip for the mustache made me smile. And did you spot the engine covers in Bob’s hair?

Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting – LEGO Ideas

As charismatic as Bob is, though, he really needs somewhere to work. Julius has that covered, too, with a brick-built easel, paint selection, and canvas. That canvas is currently blank, but that’s by design.

Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting – LEGO Ideas

We’ve featured several of Julius’ other creations in the past. Maybe you’ll find one of them equally inspiring as Bob, here.

Legend of Zelda’s Poe is hauntingly cool

Legend of Zelda fans are sure to enjoy this Poe Soul by Julius von Brunk. With its customary lantern and mischievous gaze, Hyrule’s favorite apparition looks no less troublesome recreated in LEGO-form. The outstretched hands and flowing, smoke-like base of this hooded wraith conveys a sense of movement, as if this Poe has been plucked straight from the TV screen. Poe’s torn hood is even represented here, and it features just the right amount of detail. While they might be one of the game’s more annoying enemies, this LEGO version of Poe is a delight to see.

Legend of Zelda Poe Spirit

Long have I served as the guardian spirit

Guardian of the Hyrule Forest. Giver of Quests. Insides infested with Skulltula Spiders.
The Great Deku Tree from Nintendo classic Zelda: The Ocarina of Time is given the LEGO treatment by Julius von Brunk. The microscale model is nicely-done, perfectly capturing the tree’s sleepy-looking face. But it’s the amazing photography which sets this creation apart — Julius has combined three images into one to create this stunning look, which manages to make a small model appear much larger. I love how the low angle and out-of-focus foreground foliage gives the tree such physical presence. Excellent stuff.

LEGO Zelda Great Deku Tree

“Fatality!” Scorpion breathes fire into this LEGO character

“Get over here!” for one of the most iconic one-on-one fighting games. Julius von Brunk brings us a LEGO rendition of Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion, complete with the character’s signature fire-breathing fatality move. Back in the 1990s, imagery like this freaked out parents and helped contribute to the development of the modern ESRB rating system. However, we think even Joe Lieberman would have to agree that Julius’ scene is spine-chillingly good. When we learned he used practical effects in rendering this scene, it left us screaming, “finish him!”


Finish him!

“Get over here!” for a pair of cute but deadly BrickHeadz characters by Julius von Brunk. They are none-other than Scorpion and Sub-Zero from the hit arcade fighting game franchise, Mortal Kombat. The two figures are instantly recognizable, and I especially like how Julius used two different slopes to form the shapes of their masks. I can almost imagine a fatality move involving a brick separator, which begs the question…Do BrickHeadz have green or red blood?

Scorpion & Sub-Zero BrickHeadz