We’re going to need an even bigger boat

In 1975, Stephen Speilberg (and to a lesser degree Peter Benchley) made the world afraid to enter the water when the unsettling movie Jaws came out. How do you top that, exactly? Well, LEGO builder Julius von Brunk may have figured out that formula. You simply go larger. He may have arrived at that success quite by accident; the shark turned out much larger than anticipated so the “normal” shark attack scene he thought he was building became an encounter with the prehistoric Megaladon. The protagonists (or are they antagonists?) are a group of pirates proving that a pirate’s life isn’t always yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum. The water, and especially the shark with its complex curves, are done to great effect. However, as enticing as a deep golden tan and a breezy cocktail may be, this is one beach I’d much rather avoid!

Megalodon Beach