Angry Video Game Nerd is angry

If you were into video games in the mid-2000’s you will undoubtedly recognize this influential character. Builder Julius von Brunk perfectly captures all the fury and foul-mouthed appeal of the Angry Video Game Nerd in LEGO form. Having been a video game journalist during those heady days, I knew who this was at first glance. This speaks volumes not only about the popularity of the AVG, but the builder’s talent at creating characters. The pose is full of enraged action and the head is cleverly built with loads of expression. I love the inclusion of the Gameboy and Nintendo cartridge that recalls the early days when AVGN was known as the Angry Nintendo Nerd. I also got a chuckle out of the Atari E.T cartridge, a game widely recognized as the worst video game ever made and a frequent subject of the AVGN’s ire.

Angry Video Game Nerd