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There’s no mistakes in your world, only happy accidents

By now it might be safe to consider myself an accomplished painter. How did I get my start? It was the early 90s and I tuned in to watch the legendary Bob Ross on a black-and-white TV with bad reception. While I don’t have a luxurious afro and nor do I wear my shirts unbuttoned to mid-chest, one Bob Ross-ism stuck with me forever; the notion of happy accidents. I still make them and it’s exhilarating every single time! That’s why I was thrilled to see this new LEGO creation by Jim Jo titled The Joy of Painting inspired by Bob Ross’s show. It features an array of paintbrushes, pallette, paint tubes, a pallette knife to scrape in those heavenly mountains and a water jar already tainted with a lovely sky-blue color.

The Joy of Painting, part 3

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Some happy little trees to pee on

Bob Ross taught a generation of artists and would-be artists to paint, myself included. He had a soothing, gentle demeanor about him and a voice that could squelch a prison riot. You can tell he was a guy that just loved the world and all the lakes, mountains, creatures and trees within it. Happy little trees, he called them. Soothing, mellow little trees without a care in the world, yeah, that’s nice. He taught us that there were no mistakes in your world, only happy accidents. This LEGO Bob Ross Corgi by BrickinNick has surely had a few happy accidents in his day, probably on the rug. But do we get mad at the little fellah? Nah, he’s just doing what he’s put on this planet to do; paint happy trees and maybe pee a little behind the couch. Yeah, that’s nice. And wouldn’t you know it, BrickinNick got us all mellow and groovy before. Give it a gander, my friend.

Bob Ross Corgi

The Joy of Building with Bob Ross

These days you could do a lot worse than spending some time listening to a soothing voice and being creative. If ever there was an icon for that sort of thing, it would have to be Bob Ross. Julius von Brunk has created a LEGO version of the master painter that is just as inspiring and every bit as clever. From the metallic silver of the lightsaber hilt in the paintbrush to the mixture of tiles and various styles of 1×1 round plates as paint, the use of parts in Bob’s tools are as inspiring as the techniques in the artist himself. The use of a 3L bar and tan clip for the mustache made me smile. And did you spot the engine covers in Bob’s hair?

Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting – LEGO Ideas

As charismatic as Bob is, though, he really needs somewhere to work. Julius has that covered, too, with a brick-built easel, paint selection, and canvas. That canvas is currently blank, but that’s by design.

Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting – LEGO Ideas

We’ve featured several of Julius’ other creations in the past. Maybe you’ll find one of them equally inspiring as Bob, here.