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Here we are now, entertain us

Leave it to me to move into an area a decade after its peak. Had I have moved to the Seattle area sooner, I could have witnessed firsthand the Grunge wave that killed hair metal. Bummer. LEGO builder Julius von Brunk is surely a fan of Grunge as evidenced by his latest build featuring bobble-headed rock gods from Nirvana. On the left, we have the tall bassist Krist Novoselic. On drums, we have the shirtless and ever-prolific Dave Grohl and finally, we have the legendary frontman Kurt Cobain with his left-handed Fender guitar. Julius tells us that when LEGO came out with the Fender Stratocaster set they held a contest in which the winner could win a real guitar. He didn’t have the entire band finished by the contest deadline but had entered Kurt Cobain’s figure. Julius goes on to say that, despite not having the cigarette featured, his entry was rejected due to using “inappropriate materials”. We’re not sure if this means the use of illegal build techniques or LEGO’s overall dissatisfaction with the Grunge scene. Well, you’re a winner in our eyes, Julius! Here’s the proof.

LEGO Nirvana Bobbles