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This striking LEGO Blacktron Striker strikes a chord

We here at TBB are no stranger to the space-tastic LEGO creations of Chris Perron. And his latest, featuring the canopy from Buzz Lightyear’s XL-15 is a spectacular representation of Blacktron building! The trans-red “wings” jutting out to the sides are wonderful, reminding me of an energy field kind of like that generated by NCC-1701’s warp nacelles. All of the sharp, cutting angles feel right at home with LEGO Space of the late 80’s, though the parts utilized include some more-recent offerings. For instance, there’s the 4-wide brick separator included in mosaic sets. I’ll give you a minute to spot where it’s hiding.

Blacktron Striker

Star Wars, but make it Blacktron

A spacecraft with black wings and a bubble cockpit? Easy – that can only be a TIE fighter. But hang on, these were also defining features of LEGO’s Blacktron II theme… So what is it? Well, it’s both! Gerard Joosten AKA Elephant-Knight has a bit of a knack for builds within the Blacktron II aesthetic, and he’s turned to the Star Wars universe for his latest creation. The TIE Defender is one of the more outlandish TIE variants, and as a result it fits very nicely into the design language of my personal favourite LEGO space villains. Does this mean Darth Vader gets a neon-green lightsaber…?

Blacktron 2 TIE Defender

The curious case of the Blacktron baggage

Chris Yu has a bit of a thing for LEGO space luggage. We’ve got a bit of a thing for his luggage, too – way back in 2019 his Classic Space suitcase was awarded the TBB Creation of the Year title. At long last, Chris has returned to this awesome concept – but with a more sinister twist! Naturally, the Classic Space case needs some opposing Blacktron baggage. It’s best summed up by one Ben Smith in the comments on Flickr: “I’ll be very surprised if this is not the most awesome thing you see all day”!

Blacketon Landing Craft

Click here to see what makes this build so awesome

LEGO 90 Years of Play 40580: Blacktron Cruiser – Classic Space is back in Blacktron [Review]

To celebrate its 90th anniversary, LEGO released some updated versions of classic sets, such as 1978’s Galaxy Explorer. And it looks like the celebration is going to continue into year 91, because for a limited time beginning January 1, 2023, LEGO is offering another classic space update as a gift with qualifying purchases. This time it’s the 6894 Invader set from 1987 that’s getting an update (and a name change), in the form of 40580 Blacktron Cruiser. This 356-piece set will be available free with purchases of about US $190 | CAN $190 | UK £170 or more. Does this set capture the spirit of the original? Is it a fitting companion piece to the 10497 Galaxy Explorer? Let’s blast off and find out.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

Click to read the full, hands-on review

From Ice Planet 2002 to the ice planet of Hoth

I’m absolutely loving the mashup of Star Wars and LEGO themes to fulfill one of the challenges in this year’s VignWeek by RebelLUG. And this scene by Jens Ådne J. Rydland utilizing a duo of 90’s space factions to highlight a pivotal scene from the Battle of Hoth. The pairing of Blacktron I and the Empire feels fitting, and justifies the outstanding insignia on the side of the walker. The AT-AT’s head is well made, looking like an all-black version of some Neo-Classic Space designs. But those legs, harkening back to 6876: Alienator, are the perfect retro touch! The tiny Ice Planet snowspeeder is adorable, and I hope Commander Cold is able to successfully stall the Imperials long enough for the Futuron transports to escape.

Taking down the Blacktron walker

A dark remake worthy of some buzz

The XL-15 from the movie Lightyear has inspired LEGO builders to put their own spins on it. This darker take by Veynom is right up my alley. The original Blacktron line is one of my all-time favorite LEGO themes, and a call back to it is a great way to put the XL-15’s new trans-yellow canopy to use. This ship is definitely going to give those intergalactic miscreants a leg-up over the Space Police.

Live from Lunar Base One: The Moon Rocks!

Meet The Moon Rocks, the grooviest and most rockin’ band this side of Alpha Centauri! Composed by Julius von Brunk, this LEGO build will knock your socks off with the hard rock jamming coming from this moon base. Check out the station they’re playing at — there are a lot of cool details making up the workings of the space base. The cool bendy tubing on the walls and the rocky foundation are awesome, but take a look at the mosaics. They possess fantastic details despite some plate color limitations. On the left, a window looks at Earth, no doubt experiencing some serious FOMO for the party happening on the moon! On the right is a huge jumbotron screen showcasing the band’s lead singer as they push the speakers to the max.

The Moon Rocks

Check out the concert!

What happens when you combine Blacktron and farming?

Name a more unlikely duo. You’ll be hardpressed to find a more odd pairing than Blacktron and farming, yet that mashup is precisely what Dario Đipić has done with this insane combine harvester. Decked out in the theme’s iconic colors of black, white, and trans neon green, this harvester looks ready to collect…wait, what does it collect? I spy skeletons on the edges of the cutter. Hmm…maybe that does track with Blacktron. After all, the Space Police were always after them for some reason.

Blacktron combine harvester

Oh, and as for unlikely pairings? Well, ok, maybe there are a few others just as out there. Like Star Wars and Fabuland, which is apparently a whole thing. Don’t believe me? Check out our Fabuland archives.

Space themes on wheels

Generally, when one thinks about yore’s classic space themes, big spaceship builds come to mind and occasionally a tiny rover. The G Brix gives us something different – a very large LEGO rover which can be flipped over, each side with its own aesthetic, depending on your mood it can be Blacktron or the Space Police.

Space Police/Blacktron Flipover Rover

The space police portion of the build uses vibrant translucent red elements, including the cockpit, and brilliant blue elements such as tiles and wing pieces. Of course, there are some distinguishing printed “police” tiles and slopes.

Space Police/Blacktron Flipover Rover

Now flip the build over and you get a very cool blacktron build complete in the black and yellow color scheme. Signature elements also included here are the yellow trans-clear cockpit and the printed slope with the blacktron logo.

Space Police/Blacktron Flipover Rover

This vehicle is a model and an RC car as well that can be controlled through an app. Overall it is an awesome build for any fan of classic space themes villainous or heroic.

Moon racers fight to the finish

Have you ever seen podracing in 1/6th of normal gravity? Thanks to builder Rubblemaker, now you can! In real LEGO high definition!
Podracing on the Moon

With a silent roar, four engines take off through the Sea of Tranquility, blowing up dust clouds visible from Earth. What you can only see up close, however, is the excellent detail work on each podracer. For example, look at the way each Blacktron engine is a sandwich of filters and fins, expertly crafted using flat brick pieces. Also, check out the dirt being blown up behind each pod; it definitely gives you the idea that these pods are flying along the lunar surface!

Behold the Blacktron Dreadnought!

Excerpt from Captain Nathan Proudlove‘s Log, M-Tron Freighter Miranda: “It was supposed to be a routine trip. Get the cargo, haul it to the destination, and go back home. But instead of cargo, the drop point consisted of this… thing. It was huge, like a long black dart bristling with death. We tried to reverse course and fired a warning shot at the Blacktron warship, only to realize it was in vain. Each of the three weapons bays on the warship opened to reveal gigasonic missiles, launched and reaching out to us like claws of an otherworldly deity. The bridge crew and I launched the escape pods and fled before it could catch us, but all other hands were lost…”

Neo-Blacktron Rocket SHIP

This behemoth is none other than a Neo-Blacktron Rocket Ship. It leaves a lot to the imagination, which is exactly what you want when building massive space ships. I love the detail here, such as the engine nacelles coming out of the wings’ front and back, and the sensor work at the rocket’s top. The three labeled doors on the side make me imagine that those are either weapon ports or docking bays, or both. The best part by far is the Blacktron logo embedded into the ship, stating the ship’s evil allegiance to the bad guys of LEGO space.

Among these massive SHIPS, here comes the tiny Terribilis

With the fleet of massive SHIPs we’ve seen lately it’s refreshing to know that someone still loves small, one-man spacecraft. This LEGO Blacktron attack craft was built by none other than The Brothers Brick’s own Mansur Soeleman. While he could have written a better post about it himself, once I’ve dedicated thirty seconds into a post, there’s really no stopping that engine. With that said, I’m smitten by Mansur’s use of these pieces from the Ninjago Arcade Pod sets. I also like that this diminutive yet deadly BT-145 Terribilis is named after the equally diminutive and deadly Golden Poison Frog. We’ve been smitten by Mansur’s creations before and while they refuse to give me the keys to our recruiting office, I’m guessing this is why he’s writing for us now.

BT-145 Terribilis