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The curious case of the Blacktron baggage

Chris Yu has a bit of a thing for LEGO space luggage. We’ve got a bit of a thing for his luggage, too – way back in 2019 his Classic Space suitcase was awarded the TBB Creation of the Year title. At long last, Chris has returned to this awesome concept – but with a more sinister twist! Naturally, the Classic Space case needs some opposing Blacktron baggage. It’s best summed up by one Ben Smith in the comments on Flickr: “I’ll be very surprised if this is not the most awesome thing you see all day”!

Blacketon Landing Craft

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We stand with Ukraine

In this time of strife pressing on the chest of the world, making it hard for all of us to breathe, there are people fighting for their lives and their land. Digital LEGO builder Chris Yu has joined countless others in showing support for the people of Ukraine as they fight off Putin’s mindless assault. The Brothers Brick staff stand with Chris in this testament of support. Simple color-blocking within the parts building this blue and yellow fist of power illustrates the strength of the Ukrainian people.

i stand with ukraine

Major events like this make waves, and those waves wend their way through creative communities where expression of opinion and emotion reign. People inspired by the events of the world, like Chris Yu and others, make wonderful art worth sharing, not only for its message but also for the artistry in its execution. Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian and Russian families affected by this unfolding tragedy. We see your strength. May peace come swiftly to the hearts and minds of you all so that you may begin to move on with your lives as you wish.

This LEGO version of Pluto the Dog is bursting with charisma

Chris Yu has created this excellent version of the cheerful canine in Lego form. The round, exaggerated proportions of Pluto have been captured perfectly. Quarter circular tiles are placed throughout the build, accentuating the more curved areas. The cheeky dog also has a lolling tongue conveying Pluto’s playful personality. Small details, such as the custom name tag, makes the model almost look like an official set.


The build also has the ability to pose its long, sleek ears and move its neck, allowing Pluto to do an adorable head tilt. Chris Yu’s approach to creating Pluto feels professional and this model would make for a great set. Let’s hope we can see something like this in the future from Lego!


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In Space no one can hear you mourn

Recently the world lost Jens Nygaard, a key LEGO innovator. While most news outlets were focused on Jens’ work as the creator of the LEGO minfigure, he was responsible for so much more. For example, did you know he was the creator of the classic Space theme? Builder Chris Yu did, and the Nygaard memorial fleet is their tribute to Jens’ genius. It’s said that grief is just love with nowhere to go. But sometimes we can take that love, listen to the inspiration it brings, and create something new.

This microscale collection of ships are decked out in the theme’s traditional blue and yellow colors. There’s a variety of cruisers, a fun robot, suitably chunky rocket, and even a micro-tribute to the theme’s astronaut minifgures.

nygaard memorial fleet

Chris won our 2019 LEGO Creation of the Year Award with another Classic Space masterpiece. It’s safe to say this is a tribute to a theme close to his heart.

The Brothers Brick LEGO Creation of the Year 2019 [News]

Putting together a shortlist of the finest LEGO creations of 2019 was a tough job, but narrowing it down to a single “best creation” proved an almost impossible task. Every model which made our shortlist was excellent, and there was much debate amongst the team. However, after a considerable amount of “robust discussion,” The Brothers Brick is delighted to announce the Classic Space Moon Base by Chris Yu as our LEGO Creation of the Year for 2019.

LEGO Classic Space Moon Base

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What this day needs is butterfly dragons

Tired of the same household chores? Are you sick of your job? Is the drudgery in the news bringing you down? Do you like butterflies? How about dragons? Then you’re about to turn that frown upside-down because Chris Yu has something special for you. Enter the butterfly dragons. I didn’t see that coming either yet I can’t help but smile. Despite being the size of a Brachiosaurus and having six massive legs these sweet dragons seem to have the playful, carefree gait of a puppy. I can’t even properly name all these colors in terms of what LEGO officially calls them but turquoise, lavender, light yellow, azure, butterscotch, magenta, salmon pink and others all work together to please the senses. In this bright and serene backdrop, I can just imagine their butterfly wings (or maybe ears) fluttering as they run. See, aren’t you feeling just a bit better now?

蝴蝶龍 Butterfly dragon

It turns out this is not the first time Chris has delighted us. Pack your bags for adventures in outer space and check out his transformable Classic Space luggage.

Classic Space on the go

Packing LEGO creations for a convention can be a tricky proposition. Some builders construct custom-made crates out of wood and foam, while others carefully wrap their masterworks in clothing in their carry-on. I cram 50 or 60 model cars into cardboard boxes and hope for the best and “the best” often involves hours of re-building and frustration. Chris Yu says hogwash to all of that with this brilliant LEGO creation that packs itself. It is impressive enough in suitcase mode with its outer shell outfitted in a Classic Space motif and made to resemble a piece of carry-on luggage.

Space Base on Moon III

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