We stand with Ukraine

In this time of strife pressing on the chest of the world, making it hard for all of us to breathe, there are people fighting for their lives and their land. Digital LEGO builder Chris Yu has joined countless others in showing support for the people of Ukraine as they fight off Putin’s mindless assault. The Brothers Brick staff stand with Chris in this testament of support. Simple color-blocking within the parts building this blue and yellow fist of power illustrates the strength of the Ukrainian people.

i stand with ukraine

Major events like this make waves, and those waves wend their way through creative communities where expression of opinion and emotion reign. People inspired by the events of the world, like Chris Yu and others, make wonderful art worth sharing, not only for its message but also for the artistry in its execution. Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian and Russian families affected by this unfolding tragedy. We see your strength. May peace come swiftly to the hearts and minds of you all so that you may begin to move on with your lives as you wish.

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  1. hntrains

    Jefry Been (tinyurl . com / 4bstzz3z) is a LEGO builder based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

    The Russian invasion puts his life, the lives of his family, and the life of every other Ukrainian at the highest risk.

    Listen to his – and our – cry for help!

    Show your support to our Ukrainian friends by sharing this call to action from a fellow Ukrainian AFOL and ask everyone to share it as well!

    This is the least we can do from the comfort of our safe – for now! – homes far from where a country is shattered to pieces and her innocent children are slaughtered!

    While this will directly impact Russian LEGO enthusiasts like you and me, this is meant to add to the sanctions already in effect (The LEGO Group itself is no longer shipping to Russia: bit . ly / 3HEvwMS) which the entire world have chosen against the Kremlin psychopath and his acolytes.

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