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The curious case of the Blacktron baggage

Chris Yu has a bit of a thing for LEGO space luggage. We’ve got a bit of a thing for his luggage, too – way back in 2019 his Classic Space suitcase was awarded the TBB Creation of the Year title. At long last, Chris has returned to this awesome concept – but with a more sinister twist! Naturally, the Classic Space case needs some opposing Blacktron baggage. It’s best summed up by one Ben Smith in the comments on Flickr: “I’ll be very surprised if this is not the most awesome thing you see all day”!

Blacketon Landing Craft

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New LEGO gear and books revealed at Toy Fair New York 2020 [News]

Toy Fair New York is in full swing, and that means more than just sweet new LEGO sets. It also means cool new LEGO merchandise like books, plushies, luggage, and clothing to accessorize your real-world life. LEGO and their partners have revealed a slew of new products that you’re going to want to check out.

Click to check out the new LEGO-themed books, plushies, luggage, stationery and more.

Classic Space on the go

Packing LEGO creations for a convention can be a tricky proposition. Some builders construct custom-made crates out of wood and foam, while others carefully wrap their masterworks in clothing in their carry-on. I cram 50 or 60 model cars into cardboard boxes and hope for the best and “the best” often involves hours of re-building and frustration. Chris Yu says hogwash to all of that with this brilliant LEGO creation that packs itself. It is impressive enough in suitcase mode with its outer shell outfitted in a Classic Space motif and made to resemble a piece of carry-on luggage.

Space Base on Moon III

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