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Need a hand with your LEGO creation?

J6Crash has created this entry for this year’s Bio-cup LEGO building competition that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie or video game. The variety of LEGO elements used is fantastic – the use of the Toa Phantoka ball-shooters at the base being of particular note. But it’s the questions that this build asks which elevate it beyond an ordinary Contraction contest entry. Clearly this is some sort of synthetic hand, but why does it need to be supercharged with electricity like this? Is it completely synthetic? Is it – or was it – a human hand? And, er, where’s the rest of it? Surely there’s an equally cool-looking arm and body lying just out of shot. But its purpose is anyone’s guess….

TXN-4 "Texan" Developmental Testing and Evaluation

Get caught in the grip of this biomechanical jellyfish

There’s something both unsettling and mesmerizing about this otherworldly LEGO jellyfish by Mitsuru Nakaido. It’s undeniably a machine, with its cool palette of light and dark bluish-gray, yet the tangled stalk of wirelike tentacles (woven from various cable, hose, and rope elements) gives it a smooth, organic feel. Is this creation the housing for some unknowable alien intelligence? Is it a relic of some advanced mysterious ancient civilization beneath the sea? Is it something else entirely? That’s up to you to decide.

LEGO Jellyfish mech_05

What if HR Giger designed LEGO starfighters?

Space Jam contestants, beware. Ted Andes is done with being a judge as of this year, and he’s getting involved in the LEGO building competition instead! It’s not just Ted you need to be wary of, though. His “Ravager” looks as deadly as it sounds. It has a touch of the “HR Giger”s about it – which is appropriate, given it’s entered in the Bio-Mechanical Fusion category (Giger was a pioneer of the biomechanical art style). But it’s even more apt that this look is achieved using a host of Bionicle parts. Bio-Mechanical, indeed!