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Need a hand with your LEGO creation?

J6Crash has created this entry for this year’s Bio-cup LEGO building competition that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie or video game. The variety of LEGO elements used is fantastic – the use of the Toa Phantoka ball-shooters at the base being of particular note. But it’s the questions that this build asks which elevate it beyond an ordinary Contraction contest entry. Clearly this is some sort of synthetic hand, but why does it need to be supercharged with electricity like this? Is it completely synthetic? Is it – orĀ was it – a human hand? And, er, where’s the rest of it? Surely there’s an equally cool-looking arm and body lying just out of shot. But its purpose is anyone’s guess….

TXN-4 "Texan" Developmental Testing and Evaluation

Plastic peril: Unveiling greed in LEGO form

Greed can be a divisive topic: what one person sees as greedy can be viewed as merely desire or the pursuit of success by another. In this model, TBB regular Andreas Lenander employs artistic expression, using the ubiquitous light bluish gray LEGO to depict a hand drained of its life essence. Contrasted with red and maroon bricks, it shows the negative result that can arise from gripping the pursuit of wealth too tightly. The builder skillfully incorporates sought-after LEGO parts to emphasize the object of greed: the pearl gold ingot and chrome gold ring, which most LEGO enthusiasts recognize as “The One Ring” from the Lord of the Rings theme. With all that gold, is this perhaps a retort to a treasure chest we covered recently?


And we’ve got plenty more of Andreas Lenander’s LEGO creations in our archives.

A handy pile of stone and machinery

This latest build by Dark Small is quite the manual smattering of LEGO pieces. While no individual part feels quite at home in the creation, they come together to form five mechanical digits reaching for the sky. It’s impressive how, even while creating the distinctive hand shape in such an irregular manner, Dark Small still manages to enable such realistic posing of the fingers. As a result, the build comes off far more organic than it’s rocky and nuts-and-bolts make-up suggests. Combine the main piece with a killer background consisting of more mechano-terrain and some delicate flowers, and I’ve got to hand it to them: this is one impressive scene!

The forgotten hand