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A handy pile of stone and machinery

This latest build by Dark Small is quite the manual smattering of LEGO pieces. While no individual part feels quite at home in the creation, they come together to form five mechanical digits reaching for the sky. It’s impressive how, even while creating the distinctive hand shape in such an irregular manner, Dark Small still manages to enable such realistic posing of the fingers. As a result, the build comes off far more organic than it’s rocky and nuts-and-bolts make-up suggests. Combine the main piece with a killer background consisting of more mechano-terrain and some delicate flowers, and I’ve got to hand it to them: this is one impressive scene!

The forgotten hand

The crash scene from a beloved Tintin story

The cover art of one of the best Tintin stories is perfectly recreated here in LEGO by Dark Small. If you’ve never read anything from the Tintin series, you should. The adventures of the clever young man, told in a comic book style, are fun and heartwarming. And one of the most heartwarming stories of all is Tintin in Tibet. This installment has the hero and his comrades searching the mountains for a plane crash in hopes to find and rescue his lost friend.

Tintin au tibet

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