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What the LEGO T-rex was made for

While browsing through Flickr today, I stumbled on this hilarious scene created by Brick Police. I’ve seen several photos of his highly detailed and customized police figures in various situations before, but this really takes the cake! LAPD vs T-Rex I must admit it cheers me up to see the good ol’ T-rex having a brawl with the LAPD. I hope we get to see more fun uses of the LEGO Jurassic World dinosaurs outside their cages!

NASA’s latest discovery

I rather think the conspiracy theorists would have a field day with this one. Way to go, Paddy Bricksplitter. Can you imagine this conversation with CAPCOM? Especially if the print was fresh. I mean, seeing a foot print (beautifully rendered, by the way) would be mind-blowing enough. Toss in some moon or martian soil, and it’s something else entirely.

Huston We Have A Problem

Though to be fair, I don’t imagine it’d be that hard to get funding for any future space exploration.

Sammy, America’s Fighting Dinosaur

At Emerald City Comicon earlier this month, Josh and I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Snoey, the writer/director of a Kickstarter-funded forthcoming short film America’s Fighting Dinosaur. Turns out Steve is a TBB reader himself, so we talked about just how awesome a LEGO version of “Sammy” could be.

Bruce Lowell (bruceywan) has taken up the challenge, rendering an absolutely wonderful LEGO version inspired by Sammy, alongside the men (and pterodactyl) of the “373rd Reptilian Infantry Squad”:

373rd Reptilian Infantry Squad

One of my favorite details that might not be especially obvious in the main photo above is that Bruce’s base for his little diorama is in the shape of a dino footprint:

373rd Reptilian Infantry Squad

We hope you like this as much as I do, Steve! Check out lots more pictures on Flickr.

Great leaders on terrible lizards

I’m not sure whether words can add much to my latest series of LEGO creations, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

First up, Abraham Lincoln on a Velociraptor.

Abraham Lincoln on a Velociraptor

Next, Benjamin Franklin astride a Triceratops.

Benjamin Franklin on a Triceratops

Third — and possibly most impressive to 18th-century English troops — George Washington on a Tyrannosaurus Rex (future AC3 MP DLC, anyone?).

George Washington on a T-Rex

Finally, Teddy Roosevelt swoops in on a Pterodactyl to defend our National Park System.

Teddy Roosevelt on a Pterodactyl

That is all. For now…

2012 LEGO sets out early from LEGO Shop online [News]

In a surprising turn of events, you’ll be able to get next year’s LEGO sets directly from LEGO, rather than watching them trickle in (frequently at inflated prices) at big box toy stores: LEGO informs us that they’ve just listed a substantial number of the January 2012 LEGO sets on the LEGO Shop website.

Everyone already knows that I’m most excited (oddly enough) about the newest LEGO Cityicon sets, what with their hillbilly moonshiners and rampaging bears. 4440 Forest Police Stationicon includes a bear, along with a hillbilly in a tree. There are eight other 2012 LEGO Cityicon sets out as well.


LEGO dinosaurs return from extinction with the new LEGO Dinoicon sets. 5887 Dino Defense HQicon includes a T-Rex, Raptor and Coelophysis, while 5885 Triceratops Trappericon has the horned dino we all know and love.


LEGO has listed nearly 30 new sets in half a dozen categories, so head on over and check them out.

Dinosaurs return to LEGO with 2012 LEGO Dino sets [News]

I’m not sure where Brickshelfer grogall has gotten all the official photos of 2012 LEGO sets, but I keep finding more high-res photos of upcoming sets. The latest is the “Dino” line, reminiscent of the Dino Attack/Dino 2010 sets from a few years ago.

5885 Triceratops Trapper includes a tan triceratops with a bulky 4×4 vehicle:

LEGO 2012 Dino 5885 set

The new dinosaurs reflect the improvements to animal molds and printing we’ve seen recently in other themes. The Tyrannosaurus rex in 5886 T-Rex Hunter looks simultaneously more LEGO-like and realistic (at least compared to the LEGO dinosaurs from the Dino Attack sets).

I’ll withhold judgment on the vehicle designs until I see them in person (presumably in January), but I really like what I’m seeing of the creatures.

Meet Pokey the Technic Triceratops

Remi can build dinosaurs, no question about it. I saw Pokey at BrickCon last year but these new pictures were just posted online. Pokey is even more awesome in person. Very awesome. You can see the entire set here, including BrickCon pictures.


(My apologies to Alyse if she built Pokey. The tags said “Remi” so I went with that.)


While this creation may not quite be Grimlock from the Transformers, it IS a robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex. Built by Alyse and Remi (or maybe only one of them, but it’s a shared flickr account) this creation really packs in the details. Plus, it’s got style.

I’m enjoying the mix of functional and decorative on this model. Many of the joints are geared, but there appear to be others used for visual effect. The various bar shapes lead to an image of a cage over the functional bits. Add in a perfectly expressive face (after all, a T-Rex should only have to look scary) and you’re left with a truly excellent creation.

LEGO Robo-Rex