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LEGO Creation of the Week (#28): “Nouvelle Chicane, 1988 Monaco Grand Prix” by alex_bricks

Every week readers of the The Brothers Brick Telegram channel choose the Creation of the Week: one project that impressed all of us the most. You may remember alex_bricks for his awesome Formula-1 Monaco scene, which got the Creation of the Week award back in February. Guess what? Alex does it again with the next part of the iconic racing track! Now it’s the chicane by the water, yet still amazing detailed and exciting!

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May 15th, 1988; a fabulous day for Formula One racing

1988 saw the introduction of Roger Rabbit, the US Stealth Bomber, Prozac, and the first-ever computer virus. LEGO builder Alex_bricks takes us on a journey to a very specific time and place in 1988; that is May 15th at the Monaco Grand Prix. McLaren cars dominated the circuit and the rivalry between teammates Alain Prost of France and Ayrton Senna of Brazil was legendary. Senna put on a spectacular performance in qualifying, beating out his teammate by 1.427 seconds, an unheard-of gap for pole position. In the race, despite a commanding gap to Prost, Senna crashed out of the lead with a momentary lapse in judgment, heading into a barrier eleven laps from the end and thus Prost took the lead. The colors and textures of this build are amazing; I can just about hear the roar of the engines. The yacht and crane are nice touches, painstakingly researched by Alex.

Nouvelle Chicane, 1988 Monaco Grand Prix

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LEGO Creation of the Week (#6): “Monaco Grand Prix, 1988” by alex_bricks

Every week readers of the The Brothers Brick Telegram channel choose the Creation of the Week: one project that impressed all of us the most. Last week’s award goes to alex_bricks with his stunning Monaco Grand Prix diorama. Congratulations!

Meanwhile, the new vote is already on! Join our Telegram channel to follow all the best LEGO creations, latest news, and, of course, vote for your favorites. See you there!

Some LEGO icons – but not as you know them

As far as motor races go, they don’t come much more iconic than the Monaco Grand Prix, made in LEGO here by alex_bricks. Not content with choosing an iconic circuit, he’s chosen an iconic race as well: the 1988 edition. As a result, one of the most dominant cars in F1 history also makes an appearance in the form of the red-and-white McLaren MP4/4. And driven by the legendary Ayrton Senna, no less. There’s more LEGO icons here than in a LEGO store! While the immersive setting is superb, I’m most impressed by the cars. LEGO F1 cars are sometimes prone to being either oversized relative to minifigures, or looking too bulky. Alex has absolutely nailed the design here though. The sleek noses are expertly crafted with some wedge slopes and angled tiles, which look just perfect at this scale. That the cars are so recognisable without any custom decals is a testament to the quality of this build!

Monaco Grand Prix, 1988

Lotus 97/T

This LEGO version of the iconic Lotus 97/T by Robson M is so good, you don’t want to come up with a witty title for the post. If you are not familiar with Formula 1 history, this is the car Ayrton Senna raced to win his first ever Formula 1 victory back in 1985. Back then racing cars were smaller and the designs were much simpler, with less aerodynamic elements. Maybe it’s the choice of LEGO elements, but there’s something in this build as if it was straight from that epoch. Neat execution of stickers is a massive bonus, along with tiny bevel LEGO Technic gears inside the wheels. What a lovely touch!

Lotus 97/T

LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car – A replica worth buying? [Review]

We all know that LEGO is the best toy company in the world. And in the Formula 1 community, one of the most (if not the most) popular teams is that of McLaren. As the second-oldest competitor, they have a lot of clout under their belt. They’re also known for being innovative in the world of racing vehicles. So it was only natural that the two joined forces to introduce the LEGO Technic 42141 McLaren Formula 1 Race Car. This 1432-piece set will be available beginning March 1st, and retail for US $179.99 | CAN $239.99 | UK £159.99. Come along as we hop in the driver’s seat to take a closer look and run her through her paces.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

Read our hands-on review of LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car

LEGO Technic 42141 McLaren Formula 1 Race Car unveiled [News]

Following an exciting teaser, today, LEGO presents the next Technic licensed set, 42141 McLaren Formula 1 Race Car. Becoming the first open-wheeler in nearly 10 years, the new McLaren’s 2022 F1 car is a massive surprise for all the racing fans. The set features 1,432 pieces and will be available starting March 1 for a hefty price of US $179.99 | CA $239.99 | 179,99 € | AU $279.99.

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LEGO teases the new Technic McLaren F1 set [News]

The new upcoming LEGO Technic F1 model developed under the license of the McLaren Formula 1 racing team got teased today on social feeds. Although none of the cars — neither the actual F1 car nor the LEGO replica — can be seen, it’s safe to say the new LEGO product will be executed in a scale of at least 1:12. Considering the model’s size, we expect it to consist of no less than 1,000 pieces with a corresponding price tag.

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A Formula 1 car with a handsome nose

German LEGO fan Sven aka Tenderlok built an excellent model of the famous Tyrrell 019 Formula 1 car. The car debuted in the season of 1990 and set a whole new direction for racing engineers thanks to its innovative nose shape. The new “raised nose cone“ let more air under the car, which resulted in higher speeds. I think the brick-built front wing looks fantastic. The whole structure is actually upside down, with no open studs to be seen on both sides of the wing. This gives the model great model-making vibes as if it was glued together and painted by hand.

LEGO® Tyrrell 019 (1/15 scale)_01

Sven also built the Cosworth V8 engine and worked closely on the cockpit. With the cowling removed, note the engine’s fairly detailed design. All the stickers are a nice touch, too.

LEGO® Tyrrell 019 (1/15 scale)_05

A car designed to win

Last year, British Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton won his 6th world champion title. Although he has to win one more championship to equal Michael Schumacher’s achievement, his career statistics are remarkable, to say the least. Half of his success is, of course, his outstanding driving talent, but the other half is always the car. Noah_L pays tribute to incredible Mercedes-AMG F1 W10, which Lewis piloted during 2019 season. The scale of the model, which appears to be around 1:15, sets a whole bunch of designing challenges.

Mercedes-AMG F1 W10 EQ Power+ (5)

Formula 1 cars are known for their supersophisticated aerodynamic elements, which are always hard to build. But according to the builder’s comment, matching the livery was the most challenging part. Certain parts of the car’s body are colored in turquoise, which is the signature color of Mercedes’ sponsor, Petronas. Although more and more types of LEGO pieces appear in dark turquoise since 2018, the assortment is still pretty limited. However, Noah did a fantastic job recreating the livery as precisely as possible.

Built for speed and set the standard

1967 was the year Formula 1 changed forever, as the birth of the Lotus 49 set the bar not only as the car to beat, but also to replicate. Fifty-two years on, Pixeljunkie has presented us with a gorgeous homage to this feat of engineering mastery. Sporting the classic colour scheme and markings of driver Jim Clark, this brick rendition has some stunning custom chrome pins as well as some nicely employed stickers to really bring the realism to the fore. Working within the Minifig scale can be an obscure challenge that restricts an amount of detail. I feel Pixeljunkie has made some excellent compromises without straying too far from the source material.

Lotus 49

Looking at the rear of this beautiful build, we find a minifig hammer head used ingeniously as the gearbox. I’m not sure another piece could have been used so well in this application. I’m also a massive fan of the many uses builders find for the rubber tread attachments. Using them as wheel hubs on top those metallic silver dish rims, has really captured the era well.

Lotus 49

If this open-wheel beast inspires you, check out another of Pixeljunkie’s classic race machines, the Alfa Romeo P3.

How low (and fast) can you go?

Masterful builder Jarek has turned his hand away from building incredible Star Wars models to something a little closer to home in our world, but still nearly as fast. This snazzy Formula 1 Ferrari has remarkably accurate lines, something that’s exceedingly difficult to accomplish in LEGO at this scale. In fact, LEGO’s official designers in Billund have tried their hands at this very car, which appeared in 75889 Ferrari Ultimate Garage. He’s captured the spindly nature of these heavily glorified go-karts, and even sitting still this thing looks fast.

Ferrari 312T4

Especially impressive, though, is that Jarek hasn’t overlooked the small details, like the exposed chassis and suspension at the car’s rear.

Ferrari 312T4