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Epic Chinese characters come to life through LEGO in glorious fashion

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is to Chinese literature what the works of William Shakespeare are to English literature. A semi-historical story set in the time period of the Three Kingdoms (A.D. 169-280), the novel was perhaps written in the 14th century, though specific dates are hard to come by. It tells the story of how the Han dynasty gradually fell apart and became three independent kingdoms and all of the bitter rivalries and infighting that led to that point. Among all of the hundreds of characters in the novel, LEGO builder Jae Won Lee has chosen the main protagonist, Liu Bei, his chief strategist, Zhuge Lian, and the Five Tiger Generals who fought for them. The five generals are depicted in stunning fashion astride charging stallions, manes and tails flowing with the speed of their charge, and the other two men are nobly standing.

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (the Five tiger generals)

The appearances of the generals are inspired by Chinese artwork, complete with the unique coloration of each. The dynamic posing of many of the models puts this a step above most similar builds. There might be more studs showing than some builders would prefer, but it works well with this style. They deserve a closer look!

click here to see each of the generals up close

Getting giddy over a gift within in a gift

The Christmas gift box was one this year’s holiday giveaways from the LEGO Shop Online. Jae Won Lee has used the idea of placing a holiday scene in a present and taken it to the next level. The surrounding package looks lovely with its dark red paper finished off with a white and dark green ribbon. This is matched by a whimsical interior, depicting Santa making one of his many pit stops. The warmly lit fireplace, tree, and wreath are festive, and the scene itself is fun. The little girl hidden behind the tree is about to have a very nice Christmas, because Santa has brought her the Cafe Corner. Who wouldn’t want the first set in LEGO’s modular building series under their tree?