Star Wars, but make it Blacktron

A spacecraft with black wings and a bubble cockpit? Easy – that can only be a TIE fighter. But hang on, these were also defining features of LEGO’s Blacktron II theme… So what is it? Well, it’s both! Gerard Joosten AKA Elephant-Knight has a bit of a knack for builds within the Blacktron II aesthetic, and he’s turned to the Star Wars universe for his latest creation. The TIE Defender is one of the more outlandish TIE variants, and as a result it fits very nicely into the design language of my personal favourite LEGO space villains. Does this mean Darth Vader gets a neon-green lightsaber…?

Blacktron 2 TIE Defender

1 comment on “Star Wars, but make it Blacktron

  1. Kilmarnock228

    Nice! Too bad the Rebels line didn’t do so well; it would have been nice to get an official updated Defender. I suppose we can always hope Thrawn brings them back when he makes his forthcoming return.

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