Elephants are back in the new LEGO City Summer 2021 sets [News]

With the first official picture of the upcoming LEGO City sets published by an Italian retailer today, we can finally have a detailed look at all the new elements and animals available this summer. This season it’s all about wildlife and rescuing wild animals. Only three sets are revealed so far, but we expect the line-up to include more products. Prices and availability are yet to be announced, but we expect all the sets to go on sale no earlier than July 1.

LEGO City 60300 Wildlife — Animal Rescue ATV

LEGO City 60301 Wildlife — Animal Rescue Off-road Vehicle

LEGO City 60302 Wildlife — Animal Rescue Operation

3 comments on “Elephants are back in the new LEGO City Summer 2021 sets [News]

  1. maxfragg

    I welcome the theme, but two complaints:
    a) putting the lions into a 4+ set forces a lot of people to buy a set containing lots of big useless parts like the car-body.

    b) the tracked vehicle looks like a really poor compromise, its just way too long for its tracks.

  2. Allister

    For years I have dreamed of getting a “Safari” sub theme to City. This isn’t everything I had hoped for, but I’m excited we’re getting new monkeys, [African] elephants, and lions!

    I’m hopeful that more kits will be released in this wave, especially since one of the kits is aimed at the younger audience. I would have liked to see vehicles more similar to the new Safari off-roader, maybe with a hint of the old Outback sub theme?

  3. ramesisiii

    This nature theme seems awesome! So as the animals! The adult elephant’s tusks could be longer though. And why is there a helicopter in nature theme set? The helicopter pieces could have been substituted for other animals and plants. And like someone mentioned, the lion set is a waste being put into a Junior set with useless jumbo Junior pieces.

    If they make them into sets like the Safari Off-Roader – i.e. different animals paired with different Safari vehicles, that would have been great!

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