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LEGO Creator 3-in-1 31154 Forest Animals: Red Fox – What does the fox say?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You love the new LEGO Creator 3-in-1 31150 Wild Safari Animals released back in January, and as well you should because it’s a great set. But you were hoping for something with a color scheme that’s more LEGO Icons 10325 Alpine Lodge. Well, does next month have the set release for you! Clocking in at 667 pieces, LEGO Creator 3-in-1 31154 Forest Animals: Red Fox adds to the creatures currently available in the Creator line, seemingly targeting kids and adults at the same time. But how does this new set stack up? What surprises does it offer? And what is the noise that a fox makes? You’ll have to read on to find out. LEGO Creator 3-in-1 31154 Forest Animals: Red Fox is available from LEGO’s website starting on March 1st, and retails for US $49.99 | CAN $64.99 | UK £44.99.

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

Read more on this foxy-looking set below.

An adorably unconventional couple

The holidays are approaching and gifts are on everyone’s minds. Though this time of year always brings its challenges, any gift-giving occasion can be a builder’s excuse to create something personal with LEGO. For instance, figure builder Mike Nieves recently gifted his newlywed friends this elegant fox posing in the snow with a fluffy penguin. Presumably their favorite animals, I’m sure the couple was delighted to receive this gift. I do wonder if they used them as cake toppers though.

Taking a look at the models individually, we can see that the builder had a good idea of the necessary forms and connections. The penguin’s thick, grey body consists of two mirrored sections of stacked plates and slopes. Modified plates are used as happy little feet peeking out from under the body. The wings’ connections are hidden but hinged, allowing it to flap about adorably. The rotating head even has a tiny opening mouth, which is pretty cute.

The fox is rather impressive. The slender, brick-built face closely matches the natural angles of the animal and this trend continues down the body. Clever connection points allow Mike to build out from a central core to achieve the fox’s figure. The chest is fluffy and the paws really stand out but that tail is the true star. I mean, the way the color blocking takes advantage of the structure is just smart.

It’s worth taking a look at the back of the fox to get a better idea of how it’s put together. Plus, I just wanted to look at that tail again. Achieving curves like that with LEGO is difficult and Mike really did well with both of these. What a great wedding gift for LEGO fans.

Behind-the-scenes of LEGO Masters with Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard [Feature]

LEGO Masters enters the semi-finals with a Star Wars challenge tonight, and ahead of the episode, we got to sit down with judges Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard to talk about the season so far. They reveal what have been both the best and hardest moments about being judges, if they always agreed on who should go home, and how they are currently handling working from home.

In the interview conducted jointly with Brickset, BZPower and True North Bricks, Amy and Jamie also talk about some of the challenges and what made them so difficult, if they will be back for season 2, and how they became LEGO designers.

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Everything you want to know about LEGO Masters judges Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard [Feature]

LEGO Masters premieres tonight, and LEGO fans in the US will finally get the chance to watch the hotly anticipated show. Earlier this week, we sat down with LEGO Masters judges Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard to talk about the premiere and what life has been like since filming the reality show.

In the interview conducted jointly with Brickset and BZPower, Amy and Jamie talk about the unexpected challenges involved in being judges, how the three million LEGO parts were chosen for the show, what it was like to spend time with the guest stars, and what they brought back with them from the set!

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Judging LEGO Masters: Exclusive interview with LEGO designers Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett [News]

LEGO Masters begins next month in the US, and LEGO fans will notice a few familiar faces judging the reality show. During our visit to the LEGO Masters set, we chatted with Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett about making the leap from LEGO designers to reality TV judges.

In the interview conducted jointly with Megan from Brickset, Jamie and Amy talk about how their pasts helped prepare them to be judges, what considerations were involved in selecting winners, and how they resisted the temptation to build along with the rest of the contestants!

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A mythical fox of a different kind

Can someone help me with a tech question? How do I set the parental controls so that my parents can’t watch Fox News? While The Brothers Brick IT team and I are working that out, I’d like to show you a fox of a different kind. This Kyuubi no Kitsune (Nine-tailed Fox) built by Jessica Farrell is a well-known character in Japanese folklore. Jessica tells us that this magical creature lives for an incredibly long time and grows a new tail for each century of spiritual training and wisdom. Upon gaining its ninth tail, the Kitsune has reached its full powers and its tails may begin to turn golden or white in color. Its natural form is that of an ordinary fox but the powerful Kitsune is able to shape-shift into other forms, particularly that of a beautiful young woman, and get up to all sorts of mischief!

Kyuubi no Kitsune (Nine-tailed Fox) Inset

She also tells us that this model is comprised of 4,304 elements and took three weeks to design and build. I am particularly fond of the intricate textured stones and the flowing brook. The entire setting instills a tranquil feeling for me and the Kitsune’s expression exudes wisdom. Now that is a Fox network I would watch!

This wouldn’t be the first time we were enchanted by Jessica’s mythical beings. Check out this dragon and an uncanny walking house.

LEGO Masters reality show announces teams, including some familiar faces [News]

LEGO Masters has announced it’s cast of contestants for the upcoming brick building reality TV show. Many of the cast have had creations featured on The Brothers Brick previously, and we are excited to see what everyone else creates on the show. LEGO Masters premieres on Wednesday, February 5th in North America on FOX.

We are especially excited to announce that one of our own contributors Flynn DeMarco and his husband have been cast on the show. Many people may recognize his Treasure of Snake Queen diorama. We are excited to hear about some behind-the-scenes details from him once the show airs. Tyler Clites is also regularly featured on The Brothers Brick for his outstanding models.

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Snowfox strikes an elegant pose

Winter is coming, and so LEGO fans throughout the northern hemisphere are turning to their collection of white elements and building scenes that capture the calm quiet of a winter wonderland blanketed in snow. In this case, a regal and watchful snow fox by John Cheng sits patiently on a snow-covered rock. Whether searching for their next meal, or standing guard over a litter of pups, the construction is both simple, and surprising. I love the use of tooth parts for the ruffled chest, and the many different slopes used to sculpt the long fluffy tail. A few accents in azure strike the perfect contrast to the white and black details.

雪狐 Snowfox #legomoc #lego #legophotography #legocreation #legolife #legobuilder #myth #fox

What does the millennium fox say?

With the release of the new Star Wars 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon it seems like everyone just lost their minds and interstellar space is now cluttered up with countless falcons. Miro Dudas makes a good point: why falcons and not a fox? Fox makes just as much sense as a falcon in intergalactic travel! So, why would you fly a piece of garbage when you can choose this fluffy orange beast?

Millennium Fox

Little Elephant by Bangoo

In sharp contrast to Iain’s Game of Thrones posts yesterday, I thought we could all do with something cute and adorable. Since I have no spare pugs around, this little elephant by Bangoo will just have to do.


If you still need more, I’d recommend either the fox, cat, or dog.