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Fat Gus for the win

If there is one thing in this world that I love it has to be animal-controlled LEGO mechs, like this one by Midwest Builders. We are presented with a mech featuring a lot of Technic/Bionicle pieces that, for me, are always a tough job to identify. The beefy mech is controlled by the relatively new LEGO squirrels. I do not know why, but apparently they have a feud with the frogs. It appears they are capturing them and keeping them imprisoned in transparent cages that closely resemble acorns. Big Gus is surrounded by a lot of little squirrels on smaller mechs and vehicles which appear to be assisting him with his tasks. All I know is that these squirrels are fully equipped to pillage your birdfeeder.

Fat Gus

Sweetly a squirrel sleeps

I’ll admit I only have a few Bionicle LEGO pieces and, for reasons unknown to me, I’m often stumped as to what to do with them. But clearly Arcticpine is a master at building with Bionicle as evidenced by this darling little sleeping squirrel. This woodland creature is just a precious sight to behold. Maybe it’s just my dark and creepy sensibilities talking here but it doesn’t hurt that the entire form looks to me like a human heart. More to love, right? If you adore this as much as I do then take a gander at other impressive Bionicle creations on TBB¬†built by builders who have a better understanding for how to use the odd niche pieces than I do.

Sweetly a Squirrel Sleeps