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LEGO Masters reality show announces teams, including some familiar faces [News]

LEGO Masters has announced it’s cast of contestants for the upcoming brick building reality TV show. Many of the cast have had creations featured on The Brothers Brick previously, and we are excited to see what everyone else creates on the show. LEGO Masters premieres on Wednesday, February 5th in North America on FOX.

We are especially excited to announce that one of our own contributors Flynn DeMarco and his husband have been cast on the show. Many people may recognize his Treasure of Snake Queen diorama. We are excited to hear about some behind-the-scenes details from him once the show airs. Tyler Clites is also regularly featured on The Brothers Brick for his outstanding models.

Click to see all the LEGO Masters contestants and their bios

LEGO typography contest – design a new typeface [News]

Our friends over at the LEGO elements and colours obsessed blog, New Elementary, are running a Typography Competition from now until 31 May, 2017.  To enter you just have to design a typeface for the phrase LEGO DNA with only one rule that is explained in detail below.

You can use whichever LEGO elements you like in your typeface design, but the only rule is that you must utilise at least one of the following new pieces pictured here. They are:

That’s it for constraints. Digital entries are not only welcome, but recommended given that at least one of the new parts listed must be included and you may not have many in your collection! The colours don’t matter, and you may use whichever you like, whether or not the pieces exist in those colours in current LEGO sets. The pieces in your design don’t even need to connect in reality – this task is more about design than modeling.

There will be three 1st prizes in this competition (and no other prizes). The three winners will each receive a package consisting of 50 of each of these new tiles, meaning there will be 250 LEGO elements per winner, courtesy of the LEGO Group. A magnificent prize!

Entries close at the end of 31 May, 2017 (in your local timezone).

To enter, head over to the competition post on New Elementary where an entry form awaits.