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Tyler Clites’ SHIPtember entry is a shining star

LEGO Master Builder Tyler Clites has delivered a truly out of this world contribution to SHIPtember with the Zosma Starcruiser. The impressive shaping alone would make this a stand-out. The individual triangular sections, which make ample use of negative space, are gorgeous. And the way those sections sit askew on the larger frame evokes the sharp, elegant angles of a piece of jewelry. But, beyond the shape of the craft, Tyler’s gone the extra mile and used color to incredible effect. The way the thin lining on the ship moves from red to orange to yellow creates a gradient that almost tricks your eye.

Zosma StarcruiserIt’s hard not to see these colors pulsing across the ship as it traverses through the night sky. Do the colors send a message? Is it an energy transfer that powers the ship along? Are we seeing some alien warp drive in action? Let your imagination run wild as you admire Tyler’s work here, or any of the other amazing ships from our SHIPtember coverage.

When remote learning is really, really, remote.

LEGO Master Builder Tyler Clites dips his toe into FebRovery waters with his Space School Bus. Tyler’s image description gives us some nice context for the theming – “I think having a kid has me thinking less about weaponry and more about the more mundane details of life in space.” Mars is far enough away for socially distanced learning, right? There are a lot of great details to enjoy here, but my favorites are the smooth curves in the rear cabin and and the dark red structural beams. And those frying pan details in the center of the layered wheels are just *chef’s kiss*  levels of quality.

Space School Bus

If space school busses aren’t your jam, then maybe you’ll like this awesome chopped rusto-mod version from our archives!

Tiny tank has a leg up on the competition

LEGO Master Tyler Clites, fresh off a nationally televised victory, is already jumping back into battle with a not-so-tiny tank.

Tiny Tank

With deceptively chunky proportions (hearkening back to Metal Slug, Advance Wars, and other video game renditions) this new offering is impressive for it’s economical use of olive green pieces which aren’t available in as wide a variety of molds as many other LEGO colors.

This beauty is also notable for a unique tread technique made by stacking minifig legs. Besides LEGO’s own tread pieces, there have been a bevy of alternate techniques used by builders in the past including binoculars, coupling plates, and even behemoths so big the treads are entirely original builds.

Winning LEGO Masters: An interview with the first ever U.S. LEGO Masters [Feature]

LEGO Masters aired its finale last night where the top three teams were challenged to create anything they wanted. The Brick Masters then chose the first LEGO Masters champions in the U.S.

Beneath the jump, we have close-up photos of each build from the finale, an exclusive interview with the winning team, and a link to apply for LEGO Masters Season 2 if you so dare! (Spoilers ahead!)

Click to reveal who won LEGO Masters and read their interview

LEGO Masters: An interview with finalists Tyler and Amy [Feature]

LEGO Masters aired its ninth episode last week where contestants competed in the Star Wars challenge. We won’t reveal the outcome, but The Brothers Brick had the opportunity to sit down with all three teams to talk about their experiences on the whole show. We’ll publish our interviews with the other finalists in the coming days ahead of the finale next Wednesday.

In our interview, we talk to “The Newlyweds” Tyler and Amy about how they came to be a team and prepared for the show, what their favorite moments were, and if they have continued building together since.

Read our interview with LEGO Masters finalists Tyler and Amy

LEGO Masters: Tyler and Amy reach for the sky

I was really iffy on the whole LEGO Masters thing at first. Mostly this was fueled by a stubborn reaction to every single one of my friends and coworkers asking if I had heard about “that new LEGO show,” mixed with a just a touch of envy at not being on the show myself. After getting caught up on the episodes, though, I have different opinions. First, I now think it’s a really entertaining bit of fun. Second, I thank my lucky stars that I wasn’t a contestant. I would have washed out in the first fifteen minutes in weepy humiliation. Instead, I get to enjoy some amazing builds by actual masters of the craft like Amy and Tyler Clites. Last week, the challenge was mega city builds, and Amy and Tyler were up for it. Their building featured an interesting spiral of triangular levels, each housing a different City sub-theme.

After each episode airs, Tyler shares a cool micro-scale version of their larger creation. This week’s scaled-down build has the same twists as the original, including the “twist” of an attack by a fire-breathing monster.


LEGO Masters presents: Superbaby and the hairball heist

This week LEGO Masters contestants and newlyweds Tyler Clites and his wife Amy may have predicted their future. It entails a huge baby demanding all their time/energy/milk and attention and a few cats who might like equal billing. But a ferocious monster cat emerges from beneath the floor tiles and is hellbent on defeating Superbaby and…whatever else monster cats are into. This mini version of their real-life entry demonstrates why parents and pet owners can’t have nice things. If it sounds like the makings of a comedy-monster movie that’s because it is. Last week’s challenge was about movie genre mash-ups and all the entries were just as wild and unpredictable. The show has been a madcap rollercoaster ride so far so be sure to catch LEGO Masters tonight at 9pm on FOX to see what trouble Tyler, Amy, and the other contestants will get into next.


Be sure to also check out our extensive coverage of LEGO Masters and the show’s contestants, celebrity host, and judges.

LEGO Masters Tyler and Amy see the world through the Imagiscope

This is becoming a thing for us. Tyler Clites and his wife Amy are contestants on LEGO Masters; they build a mini version of their real-life challenge entry and post it around the same time every week. We, in turn, use it to remind you to watch LEGO Masters on FOX Wednesdays at 9pm. They get kudos, we get job security and the world turns. You can discover much of that turning world with this entry. Last week’s challenge was a doozie, they cut real objects in half (like a clock or a guitar) and the contestants had to build imaginative creations using the half-cut item. Tyler and Amy chose the half-telescope and from it spawned the Imagiscope where pirates plunder and rockets soar.


Be sure to check out our extensive LEGO Masters coverage and tune in again tonight to see what hijinks Tyler, Amy, and the other contestants are up to.

Another mini LEGO Masters challenge: the exploding alien

If you’ve watched last week’s episode of The LEGO Masters, this little build should look familiar! In the explosive space challenge, Tyler Clites and his wife Amy designed an incredible alien and bomb-toting hero sculpture to be dropped from a balcony. The duo named the creation “The Sacrifice” and the story behind it involved the hero giving up his life to destroy the alien. And in glorious fashion. The ensuing destruction as host Will Arnett launched it over the rail was indeed epic!

The Sacrifice

Tyler and Amy received the highest praise for their build and are top competitors moving into this week. The show airs at 9PM Wednesdays on Fox. Be sure to follow our extensive coverage! Also, check out Tyler’s Funny Farm mini build from the first challenge!

LEGO Masters sends Tyler and Amy to the Funny Farm

Who is watching LEGO Masters? My own viewing will be contingent on local weather, the phases of the moon, and how many episodes they’ll let me stream for free before they send me to Cable TV jail. But I was able to catch the first episode and Tyler Clites and his wife Amy are contestants on the show. Pictured here is a miniaturized version of their stunning Money Funny Farm, which was their contribution to the collaborative Dream Park Theme Park in the first episode. Their real-life module, as well as this littler one, imagines what would happen if animals took over the farm. While all modules needed to accommodate a monorail that traveled throughout the layout, their section prominently features an egg-drop ride because…apparently that’s how some animals amuse themselves once they take over.

Funny Farm

If episode one is any indicator, we’ll be in for loads more fun-fueled antics from Tyler, Amy and all the other contestants over the next couple of months. Catch new episodes Wednesday nights at 9PM on FOX or, if you’re like me, by hook or crook on streaming the next day. (Hopefully!)

While you’re at it, also be sure to check out our extensive coverage of the show.

A picture is worth a thousand bricks

Back in 2013 Tyler Clites contributed a fantastic tutorial to the Brothers Brick on how to photograph your LEGO creations; and his latest creation proves once again that not only is he one of the LEGO community’s most talented builders, he’s also a master at presenting his work. Of course the featured spaceship has all the hallmarks you’d expect from Tyler: nice piece usage throughout, wonderfully shaped engines, and appealing splashes of colour for detail. However, as he notes, he wanted more for this craft than a shot of it flying through space. With a repurposed rock base, and the creation of some creepy bug aliens, we now have a story to be told. Hunkered down for repairs in the middle of nowhere, the ship’s auto turrets save the day. Mix in ace lighting effects and a swirling mist, courtesy of a vape pen, and you have what I have previously written about, the perfect marriage between LEGO and photography.


The vegetable’s revenge

Angry Carrot is out for vengeance. It looks like Bunny is in a whole heap of trouble in this fun creation by Tyler Clites. The carrot is nicely shaped, and immediately recognisable with its burst of green leaves. Ball and socket Mixel joints give the mutant vegetable’s limbs some good poseability, but it’s the facial expressions which steal the show here. The half-strangled rabbit looks more than a little distressed with its protruding tongue and bulging eyes, and the carrot’s features are perfect — the curve of that eyebrow is the perfect addition to the asymmetrical eyes, creating a tonne of character with just a handful of pieces.

Healthy Snack