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Another mini LEGO Masters challenge: the exploding alien

If you’ve watched last week’s episode of The LEGO Masters, this little build should look familiar! In the explosive space challenge, Tyler Clites and his wife Amy designed an incredible alien and bomb-toting hero sculpture to be dropped from a balcony. The duo named the creation “The Sacrifice” and the story behind it involved the hero giving up his life to destroy the alien. And in glorious fashion. The ensuing destruction as host Will Arnett launched it over the rail was indeed epic!

The Sacrifice

Tyler and Amy received the highest praise for their build and are top competitors moving into this week. The show airs at 9PM Wednesdays on Fox. Be sure to follow our extensive coverage! Also, check out Tyler’s Funny Farm mini build from the first challenge!

LEGO Masters sends Tyler and Amy to the Funny Farm

Who is watching LEGO Masters? My own viewing will be contingent on local weather, the phases of the moon, and how many episodes they’ll let me stream for free before they send me to Cable TV jail. But I was able to catch the first episode and Tyler Clites and his wife Amy are contestants on the show. Pictured here is a miniaturized version of their stunning Money Funny Farm, which was their contribution to the collaborative Dream Park Theme Park in the first episode. Their real-life module, as well as this littler one, imagines what would happen if animals took over the farm. While all modules needed to accommodate a monorail that traveled throughout the layout, their section prominently features an egg-drop ride because…apparently that’s how some animals amuse themselves once they take over.

Funny Farm

If episode one is any indicator, we’ll be in for loads more fun-fueled antics from Tyler, Amy and all the other contestants over the next couple of months. Catch new episodes Wednesday nights at 9PM on FOX or, if you’re like me, by hook or crook on streaming the next day. (Hopefully!)

While you’re at it, also be sure to check out our extensive coverage of the show.

A picture is worth a thousand bricks

Back in 2013 Tyler Clites contributed a fantastic tutorial to the Brothers Brick on how to photograph your LEGO creations; and his latest creation proves once again that not only is he one of the LEGO community’s most talented builders, he’s also a master at presenting his work. Of course the featured spaceship has all the hallmarks you’d expect from Tyler: nice piece usage throughout, wonderfully shaped engines, and appealing splashes of colour for detail. However, as he notes, he wanted more for this craft than a shot of it flying through space. With a repurposed rock base, and the creation of some creepy bug aliens, we now have a story to be told. Hunkered down for repairs in the middle of nowhere, the ship’s auto turrets save the day. Mix in ace lighting effects and a swirling mist, courtesy of a vape pen, and you have what I have previously written about, the perfect marriage between LEGO and photography.


The vegetable’s revenge

Angry Carrot is out for vengeance. It looks like Bunny is in a whole heap of trouble in this fun creation by Tyler Clites. The carrot is nicely shaped, and immediately recognisable with its burst of green leaves. Ball and socket Mixel joints give the mutant vegetable’s limbs some good poseability, but it’s the facial expressions which steal the show here. The half-strangled rabbit looks more than a little distressed with its protruding tongue and bulging eyes, and the carrot’s features are perfect — the curve of that eyebrow is the perfect addition to the asymmetrical eyes, creating a tonne of character with just a handful of pieces.

Healthy Snack