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Stitch of the purple dolphins

There are lots of interesting techniques to see in this model! Logan W has built this impressive model of Stitch from the Lilo and Stitch franchise. Two dolphins have been cleverly incorporated into the design, representing the purple insides of Stitch’s ears. There are more aquatic parts used in the model such as a large clamshell for the lower jaw and flippers at the arms. Black knit caps portray the adorable pupils of the character with Admiral Thrawn’s hair used as the nose. The legs are formed of stumpy wings, featured in the Mario penguin costume. It’s a great build that perfectly captures Stitch’s cheeky personality and proportions.


Busting a Stitch

Stitch is an adorably cuddly alien lost on Earth, and as the weirdest blue teddy bear he’s rather difficult to translate into LEGO. But this bust by Joffre┬áZheng is fantastic, capturing his expressive eyebrows and ears with ease, while also employing a variety of shades of blue. Joffre says the internal structure consists mainly of Mixel ball joints, which help him achieve the odd angles of many of the pieces, like the quarter circles for the eyebrows.


Ohana means family, and you’ll want this adorable LEGO Stitch to be family

Tyler Clites is a master character sculptor, and he’s turned his hand to Stitch, the universe’s cutest little genetically-enhanced world destroyer from the beloved Disney film Lilo & Stitch. This LEGO Stitch stands 7 inches tall, and has 13 points of articulation so Stitch can be the expressive and lovable little monster he is, from wild terror to cuddly friend.


Tyler has submitted Stitch to LEGO Ideas, so maybe someday we’ll be able to buy one!