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This galactic school bus deserves an A+

And while we’re on the subject of space babies, notenoughbricks is making sure these adorable astronauts are getting the education they need to become the galactic explorers of tomorrow. This Neo-Classic rover is one part school bus and one part…well, it’s actually all school bus. But it features plenty of classic space stylings and an automatic stop sign to halt on-coming traffic. The best part is a robot-driven mini-rover that can deploy from the back and make sure all the students get inside the school safely.

School Bus Rover and Mini Rover

The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round

I don’t know about you, but I have many memories of a bus very similar to this, taking me to and from school. Not all the memories are good, but, despite that, seeing the bus in LEGO form is pretty darn cool. Allen Smith recreates the classic school bus at almost a 1:43 scale, down to the last iconic detail. The 1995, Thomas built Saf-T-Liner MVP school bus serves as the base of Allen’s model. The most recognizable detail, at least for me, is the front of the bus. The particular way the flat face is interrupted by the slight curve of the windshield is crisp. I love the use of wands for the windshield wipers! It gives them just the right angling for the look. Something my school buses never had is that nice crossing arm. They added it for safety to keep kids from running out into the road before the driver gives the all-clear.

Thomas School Bus 1

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When remote learning is really, really, remote.

LEGO Master Builder Tyler Clites dips his toe into FebRovery waters with his Space School Bus. Tyler’s image description gives us some nice context for the theming – “I think having a kid has me thinking less about weaponry and more about the more mundane details of life in space.” Mars is far enough away for socially distanced learning, right? There are a lot of great details to enjoy here, but my favorites are the smooth curves in the rear cabin and and the dark red structural beams. And those frying pan details in the center of the layered wheels are just *chef’s kiss*  levels of quality.

Space School Bus

If space school busses aren’t your jam, then maybe you’ll like this awesome chopped rusto-mod version from our archives!

School’s out for summer. School’s out forever!

Did you ever have that dream where you’re back in high school and all the kids are riding to school in a chopped rusto-mod school bus and everyone is thrashing out to Alice Cooper’s School’s Out? You haven’t? That’s like my second-most recurring dream beside the one where we’re in high school and Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden is teaching gym class. High school for me was in the late eighties so you can forgive me if all my dreams involve hair metal. Red2 may or may not have the same dreams but they at least have the chopped rusto-mod school bus down pat. This LEGO creation features a chromed-out Cummins Deisel motor and an opening folding school bus door.

Rusto Mod, custom school bus ..

You need a tetanus shot just to look at this thing! I remember tetanus shots. Our school nurse administered them to us while smoking Virginia Slims. As I said, school for me was a long time ago and it was a different time back then. No one smokes in school anymore and Alice Cooper is now a conservative old man who enjoys golf.