When remote learning is really, really, remote.

LEGO Master Builder Tyler Clites dips his toe into FebRovery waters with his Space School Bus. Tyler’s image description gives us some nice context for the theming – “I think having a kid has me thinking less about weaponry and more about the more mundane details of life in space.” Mars is far enough away for socially distanced learning, right? There are a lot of great details to enjoy here, but my favorites are the smooth curves in the rear cabin and and the dark red structural beams. And those frying pan details in the center of the layered wheels are just *chef’s kiss*  levels of quality.

Space School Bus

If space school busses aren’t your jam, then maybe you’ll like this awesome chopped rusto-mod version from our archives!

2 comments on “When remote learning is really, really, remote.

  1. Håkan

    Wasn’t that trans-neon green scorpion there a reference to some AFOL meme from a couple of years back?

  2. deraven

    Yes, that is a fleebnork. While they have been nearly eradicated in most parts of well-trafficked space and screened for at most major ports of entry, the species can still be found in the wild if you know where to look.

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