LEGO Masters presents: Superbaby and the hairball heist

This week LEGO Masters contestants and newlyweds Tyler Clites and his wife Amy may have predicted their future. It entails a huge baby demanding all their time/energy/milk and attention and a few cats who might like equal billing. But a ferocious monster cat emerges from beneath the floor tiles and is hellbent on defeating Superbaby and…whatever else monster cats are into. This mini version of their real-life entry demonstrates why parents and pet owners can’t have nice things. If it sounds like the makings of a comedy-monster movie that’s because it is. Last week’s challenge was about movie genre mash-ups and all the entries were just as wild and unpredictable. The show has been a madcap rollercoaster ride so far so be sure to catch LEGO Masters tonight at 9pm on FOX to see what trouble Tyler, Amy, and the other contestants will get into next.


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