LEGO Masters Tyler and Amy see the world through the Imagiscope

This is becoming a thing for us. Tyler Clites and his wife Amy are contestants on LEGO Masters; they build a mini version of their real-life challenge entry and post it around the same time every week. We, in turn, use it to remind you to watch LEGO Masters on FOX Wednesdays at 9pm. They get kudos, we get job security and the world turns. You can discover much of that turning world with this entry. Last week’s challenge was a doozie, they cut real objects in half (like a clock or a guitar) and the contestants had to build imaginative creations using the half-cut item. Tyler and Amy chose the half-telescope and from it spawned the Imagiscope where pirates plunder and rockets soar.


Be sure to check out our extensive LEGO Masters coverage and tune in again tonight to see what hijinks Tyler, Amy, and the other contestants are up to.

4 comments on “LEGO Masters Tyler and Amy see the world through the Imagiscope

  1. Purple Dave

    So, does anyone know if they time these right before the episodes to remind people to watch, or if they’re waiting until the related episode airs so they can build from video/screenshots? If it’s the latter, it might explain the colors on the second build, where the original alien model was almost entirely Lime, but the mini version was almost anything but. Either way, it’d be a cool little collection to display together at a convention (even more so if they end up with ten of these when they’re done).

  2. Jordan Perry

    I doubt they need to build from video/screenshots. They’re the ones who built the full-size model in the first place. If I spend 12 hours building something, I’m going to remember it well enough to create a micro-scale version of it without the need for reference material.

  3. Jordan Perry

    The difference in color palette could also be due to parts availability. There might not be the necessary parts in lime for a micro-scale version.

  4. Purple Dave

    Every challenge they built is a 2-person collaboration, but some portions would have been built exclusively by Tyler or Amy. I’ve heard prospective contestants were told it might require a 5-7 month commitment, so we don’t know how long ago they built the original models, or if they were allowed to take photos. After a 15-hour build marathon for the first challenge, I bet a lot of them were getting a little loopy, and for how complex that first amusement park build was, I’d absolutely need to refer back to the original model to verify content, placement, and color scheme.

    As for The Sacrifice, I just looked it over. Yes, Lime is a tricky color to build in at times. The only two major issues I see are rail plates and Mixel joints. The 1×2 rail plate used for the eyelid doesn’t come in Lime, but there might be a way to pull the same thing off with different parts. Mixel joints famously only come in Bleys, but with a little loss of posability, they could have used plates with bars and clips. However, the 1×2 plate w/ bar on end is somewhat rare, and may not be easy to get ahold of on short notice.

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