Fabuland Freight Service – Fast, Fabulous and Fun

Hello kiddies, it’s time to tune in to some fabulous retro Terovision. Doctor Dog is performing the final external pre-flight examination of the infamous Fabuland Freighter – the fastest ship in the whole of LEGOLAND. Flagship of the Fabuland Freight Service, I hear it made the Billund Run in less than 12 parsnips.

Fabuland Freighter

Together with Lionel Lion at the helm, this duo is responsible for transporting envelopes and brown packages all over Fabuland. Their trusty ship has compartments for small cargo and specially designed clamps in the front to haul bigger things like mail boxes.

Fabuland Freighter

Terovision decided to build this ship because of a love for both Star Wars and Fabuland. A fun and original mashup, the builder appears to have blended as many Fabuland pieces as possible seamlessly with System elements. Extra points have to be awarded for the extra effort that went in to creating the cut-out background!

7 comments on “Fabuland Freight Service – Fast, Fabulous and Fun

  1. bublible

    The best original idea for a long long time, only if you would come up with your own design and not this StarWars trash…but hey, it is still brilliant build, just saying I do not like SW in LEGO tho I like it as film(s). :-D

  2. Elspeth De Montes

    @bubible, I imagine this “StarWars” trash was built for a Millenium Falcon themed competition :-) Hence the original take on a previous design.

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