A mythical fox of a different kind

Can someone help me with a tech question? How do I set the parental controls so that my parents can’t watch Fox News? While The Brothers Brick IT team and I are working that out, I’d like to show you a fox of a different kind. This Kyuubi no Kitsune (Nine-tailed Fox) built by Jessica Farrell is a well-known character in Japanese folklore. Jessica tells us that this magical creature lives for an incredibly long time and grows a new tail for each century of spiritual training and wisdom. Upon gaining its ninth tail, the Kitsune has reached its full powers and its tails may begin to turn golden or white in color. Its natural form is that of an ordinary fox but the powerful Kitsune is able to shape-shift into other forms, particularly that of a beautiful young woman, and get up to all sorts of mischief!

Kyuubi no Kitsune (Nine-tailed Fox) Inset

She also tells us that this model is comprised of 4,304 elements and took three weeks to design and build. I am particularly fond of the intricate textured stones and the flowing brook. The entire setting instills a tranquil feeling for me and the Kitsune’s expression exudes wisdom. Now that is a Fox network I would watch!

This wouldn’t be the first time we were enchanted by Jessica’s mythical beings. Check out this dragon and an uncanny walking house.

5 comments on “A mythical fox of a different kind

  1. R

    Nice opening comment. Nothing like promoting the typical liberal censorship of opposing viewpoints due to fear of the actual truth. Because CNN, MSNBC, ABC, et al are just known for telling the truth (Russia hoax). Just so you are aware, these kind of comments really show just how uneducated you are.

  2. Robert Knight

    I agree. Just stick to the Lego reviews and descriptions. We could care less about your limited political/news opinions!

  3. David B.

    OK, let’s do this – Russia Hoax? That Russia meddled in the US presidential election? That all the US intelligence agencies agreed is a real thing that happened?

    (but yeah, unfortunately, as much as I’d be fine with such sentiments – you’re probably not in a position to also moderate the comments section, so might be best to err away from such topics)

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