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Is it gone?

It’s that time of the year for “new year, new me” declarations, and leaving certain things in the previous year which just ended. Builder Michael Jasper decided to build those sentiments as a small LEGO diorama.

When I think about it, New Years Day hangovers aren’t even that bad. Neither are New Year’s resolutions that no one will keep for more than a week. But that is every year. Things are already different at the start of 2022. Are LEGO Stores in the U.K. increasing the prices of Pick-a-Brick cups by almost 25%? Yeah that’s not exactly a good way to start the year. Newer lockdowns and restrictions? It’s a bit much but we’ve gotten used to them by now. We were all hoping this year will be better than the last, and the one before.

Nevertheless, COVID-19 persisted.

Why did the penguins cross the road?

To sit on these awesome deck chairs of course! Sometimes an awesome LEGO creation can consist of only one part. This however only happens ever so often. The latest creation by Michael Jasper is a really good example of this. He made three deck chairs accompanied by a little table and a parasol. The deck chairs are made with only one part, the boomerang minifigure utensil. The design is so simple, yet so effective it blows my mind! Michael is an expert when it comes to designing LEGO furniture. And he is not afraid to use whatever piece he can get his hands on as long as it is produced by LEGO. In this picture there is a gear piece hiding. It’s the yellow ring around the parasol dish. It is actually a part of a LEGO watch. All this needs now is a couple of cocktails and we are all set for the summer!