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LEGO Chinese Spring Festival Special Edition 80101 Chinese New Years Eve Dinner [Review]

To aid LEGO’s ambitious goal of breaking into the enormous Chinese market of potential customers, LEGO is kicking off 2019 with a series of three exclusive sets celebrating the Chinese New Year. All three are only available in the Asia Pacific region. Today we’re looking at the first of these sets, 80101 Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner. It contains 616 pieces and retails for CNY 699 (about $100 USD) in China, with similar prices in other Asian markets.

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Happy 2018 + the best LEGO of 2017 [News]

2018 has officially arrived worldwide, and this lovely monument by Pasq67 is here to help us celebrate. While we’ve seen the great technique of using 1×1 quarter circle tiles for lettering before, we hadn’t seen this super cool font made of macaroni pieces. And no matter what your favorite theme is, you’re covered here as a multitude of characters stroll through the park.

Lego Happy New Year 2018

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